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"Strange doctor" around the country put see fragment IMAX shocking pictures – "strange" entertainment Sohu Dr. IMAX version of the poster of the ten city thousands of fans and the fans see IMAX 3D version of "strange doctor" high-energy fragment Sohu entertainment news November 4th, marvel superhero blockbuster new "strange" doctor will officially visit the more than and 330 IMAX cinema heavy open by various fans expect November schedule. The distance less than ten, in late October 26th seven, a total of ten IMAX Changchun, Dalian Wanda cinema, Xi’an, Tianjin, Jinhua, Wuhan, Xiamen, Chengdu and Changsha, Dongguan city’s ten synchronous start "Ten City", "singular linkage eye opening IMAX fragment of Huang Jinxian Ying". Marvel Universe to engage in "big things" long IMAX full frame conquer creative fragment formally before the show, the scene the audience first watched a film cast in China before the premiere red carpet video recorded greetings. Including director Scott Derek Sen, "Sherlock" Benedict – Conboy Baki, Tilda – Swinton, creative are greeting the Chinese ebullience IMAX fans, and sincerely recommend watching this subversive level visual effects film version of IMAX. "Doctor Strange" director Scott Derek Sen said on the show: "this fragment as a fan, I am very excited to lead the audience to embark on a" strange ", the visual journey, let the fans to see in advance the results of our efforts. One of the highlights of the movie film is super screen there will be more than an hour to IMAX full frame format, it (IMAX full frame) will bring a completely immersive, eye opening viewing experience for the audience. "On the red carpet in the video, the director said that he was" inspired by the Milky Way guard "," making decisions in the singular in the use of a large number of "Dr. IMAX full frame show. Different from the marvel films before the main sense of technology, super capacity and dazzling action scenes, the fifteen minutes of footage to the audience that "new frontier" in the visual field of Doctor Strange is to open up the marvel universe. With the help of the protagonist "Doctor Strange" magic, enjoy the audience one by one multiple space switching kaleidoscope, be free to reverse the combination of skyscrapers and parallel worlds, the space shuttle are rarely in marvel in the movie. While the positive combination of IMAX full frame format, was played to the extreme space with IMAX screen on the breakthrough of extension, the audience will see 26% more than ordinary cinema picture details. Invite fans in IMAX cinema see highlights is always Marvel’s world of traditional activities, with the "strange doctor" release is for the first time in the form of fan activity into the mainland. In the landing of the ten Wanda IMAX theater, this is full of sense of ceremony of the fans have been enthusiastic response and feedback. It is reported that China will officially visit the IMAX theater IMAX 3D version of "strange doctor" is consistent with the North American film in November 4th, and will retain two eggs.相关的主题文章: