Strong typhoon hit a large area of the city of Xiamen Blackout – Sohu news diying

Strong typhoon attacks Xiamen City Blackout – Sohu news   tree was blown down # typhoon Meranti # strong typhoon "Meranti" positive hit Xiamen, the grid has been damaged, has resulted in a large number of substation outage, the widespread power outages, especially the island region is more serious. At present, the wind has not been significantly weakened, the grid is still expanding the damaged surface. Electricity sector is stepping up repair. (reporter Liu Yan)       # typhoon Meranti # reporters from the water group learned that the city of Xiamen outside the water because the water is now the city waterworks failure caused power outages, stop water supply. When to return to normal water supply, depending on when the power will return to normal. (reporter Wu Haikui Yin Lei)       just Xiamen weather and made history: 15 days at about 2:50 a.m., Taiwan Wuyuan Bay Bridge measured gusts reached more than 17, a record high since meteorological records. Whether the Typhoon No. 5903 or no. 9914 typhoon can not match its. (reporter Yin Lei)       Shishi Daily: half past two in the morning, Yongning xicen a house were blown down by wind, Yongning police station alarm immediately dispatched, promptly rescued a family of four people. By 3:30 in the morning of Yongning police station were rescued 13 trapped people. (Shishi Daily reporter for     Ting reports);   # typhoon Meranti # [] please let the life hotline at present, 120 alarm telephone has been ringing off the hook, " " people suffered minor injuries, it is best to handle, wrap up, don’t call 120 to 120 to more people in need! (reporter Wu Haikui)相关的主题文章: