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Sunglasses not only black "lust" lens is summer theme color lead: who said this translucent glasses useless in the long time, the knowledge to. (from: Fashion) on this year’s popular index No.1 glasses, which is undoubtedly the retro translucent yellow glasses. To say that fashion class representative Gucci set off a yellow wind in 2016 show. To say are class representative Gucci in 2016 to show off a yellow wind if it is absolutely the right Zhilong wave guide, and Cui Sansui together brought up all the Yellow wave, let the glasses become an artifact of the pose, two people with a different taste. It is absolutely the right Zhilong wave guide us mainland popular niche have certainly not weakness in AIKE Li Yifeng’s right Zhilong is definitely the wave guide in the yellow color glasses as early as 2005, "Mrs Smith" which had appeared you think I want to say today is the glasses with fire and how the tide? Then you’re wrong! We may understand this yellow glasses, just think he is a pair of sunglasses or a concave shape of the weapon, and there is no function at all. In fact, as a function of glasses, not so much as it is a pair of sunglasses as he is a good night mirror". You’re right! Today is to be popular for this yellow glasses lens. The electronic products we use every day, such as computer, mobile phone, tablet computer, LED screen TV will emit a lot of blue electronic products we use every day, such as computer, mobile phone, tablet computer, LED screen TV will emit a lot of blue. At the screen color temperature becomes higher, the emitted blue is strong than the day, too long will cause the human body clock disorder or affect vision. And these blue light is just the yellow lens can filter out the range and the blue light is just yellow lens can filter out the scope of. At night or when the dim yellow lens fiber, can guarantee the implementation of the resolution in the weak light, but also anti beam. He also has a professional term called "anti blue light glasses", so he is not only a concave artifact, or a weapon to protect the eyes! But some yellow glasses on the market, and there is no protective effect, but a layer of paint brush. Detection method of the true anti – blue glasses, with the naked eye, the lens presents a special light yellow light. More importantly, the real anti blue light is the need to detect the authority. Anti blue effect we can also use the checking lamp lens test. There are UV protection, the general optical shop has a detection device, can be easily identified whether uv. Daily wear itself with yellow translucent glasses will have a certain anti blue light effect, if it is out of the street wear, you can choose some ordinary yellow glasses. Product recommendation: All In Eyewear men Voltaire RMB 1850 I;相关的主题文章: