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The supreme law of Zhengzhou circuit court has set up a leading group – Beijing, Beijing, Zhengzhou (reporter Li Guigang) in November 2, the Supreme People’s court. The circuit court in Zhengzhou after the news release, the Henan High Court on 2 foreign states, has set up a leading group, has to carry out related work. November 1st, the twenty-ninth meeting of the central leading group comprehensively deepen reform, agreed to the Supreme People’s court in Chongqing City, Xi’an City, Nanjing City, the addition of a circuit court. Henan Provincial High Court standing vice president Tian Liwen 2, informed that, at present, Henan High Court has set up a leading group, full service guarantee circuit court of the Supreme Court of Zhengzhou has set the preparatory work, to carry out related work, will set up the circuit court and work to create favorable conditions, as soon as possible to ensure the landing in Zhengzhou. Informed that the establishment of the circuit court in Zhengzhou, will contribute to the high concentrated trial cross administrative regions of the major administrative and civil cases, guarantee of Henan and surrounding provinces in economic and social development, but also conducive to the disputes in the local maximum solution. Informed that, as early as two years ago, Henan parties on the proposed establishment of the Supreme People’s court in the central region of Zhengzhou circuit court. During the two sessions this year, the National People’s Congress, Zhang Liyong, President of the higher people’s Court of Henan Province, Zhengzhou once again proposed the establishment of a circuit court, and made four reasons. Zhang Liyong believes that Zhengzhou is a major transportation hub for the East and West, South to north, is an important node in Silk Road Economic Belt along the construction, set up the circuit court in Zhengzhou, Henan and the surrounding court is helpful to improve work quality and efficiency; on the other hand, as the case is Henan Province, the number of cases in the long-term national top, such as the number of cases accepted in 2015 had reached more than 100 in 2016, as of the end of October has handled all kinds of cases 1 million 110 thousand. (end)相关的主题文章: