Taifeng leasing to rent to boost car consumption culture upgrade purchasing demonophobia

Taifeng leasing to rent to boost car consumption culture upgrade purchasing life, we live every day in addition to communicate with different people, and the rest is every kind of articles dealing with, and a lot of consumer goods to us has exceeded the "use value", and formed its own unique cultural phenomenon, which is especially obvious in automotive industry: in the same vehicle configuration, someone is willing to pay more favorite brand; various club activities around the national do have many owners with vigour and vitality, holiday leisure choice; there are people nicknamed "the only wife and car will not be loaned, like countless harvest point! In recent years, along with the automobile racing culture, fashion, self driving tour concept culture emerging and rich cultural connotation, the generalized auto design has not only includes the automobile brand culture background and the car itself, each new manufacturing concept, in automobile production, circulation, sales link are always full of culture, to car users surprise and hope. Among them, due to the vital interests of automotive suppliers and consumers, automotive consumer culture has been particularly concerned about the continuous transformation. Self driving tour has become an important part of the automobile culture in the experience of the National hot Chinese old woman and the old lady of the United States consumer attitudes, consumer loans ahead of consumption, consumption concept is in the domestic adorable buds, with a lifetime of firm loans and conservative consumption concept deep into the bone marrow of the old lady Chinese gradually retired early by the impact of the consumption concept of 80, after 90 became the main force in the consumer loan, Car Buying has become the norm, full payment of funds tied up the "nouveau riche" Car Buying method become the past. At present, driving in the relevant national policies to support the automotive industry and the objective market factors, the emergence of a new way of financing lease to lease as the representative of Car Buying Taifeng pushing, with zero down payment, low rent, perfect Car Buying experience a lot of good, it is expected to open a new direction in the automotive consumer market, in promoting consumer consumption of car change again at the same time, but also boost the further development of automobile culture. In the past, the concept of consumption, Chinese believe in "the things on hand is my only, with the only peace of mind, so even then slowly accept bank mortgage, the car has started to feel like or banks, a careless car will be away, plus bank clear Shoufu threshold, tedious the examination and approval procedures and the complicated operation process, most potential car consumers prohibitive. Gradually in the credit concept today, above all sorts of consumer concerns and Taifeng leasing restrictions based on innovation to create "Car Buying rent purchasing mode, ownership and use of this mode is the separation of the car, the car consumers in the lease period, the payment schedule can have quota rent right to the use of the vehicle, at the expiration of the lease, can purchase the residual value of the vehicle, vehicle ownership eventually from Taifeng leasing.   in particular, Taifeng leasing for different consumer needs of users, develop diversified Car Buying scheme, zero Shoufu only standard rent, personalized stage let Car Buying family fully grasp the initiative. In addition, not limited to car manufacturers or 4S stores a single brand choice, convergence of the mainstream brand Taifeng leasing.相关的主题文章: