Taizhou two thieves burglary in the home owner is not anti theft jingfangxingju 海思k3v2

Taizhou two thieves burglary in the home owner is not anti theft jingfangxingju villagers into room theft, not long after the home owner, panicked, two thieves hid in the neighbor’s balcony. After the discovery, two people jumped off the balcony, did not escape how far the road was caught by the villagers. In September 18th, Guizhou suspects Cen Cen A and B by Taizhou Huangyan District Public Security Bureau of criminal detention on suspicion of theft. CEN Cen A and B is Guizhou, rental in Wenling. Two people are fellow, often go out together, because there is no fixed work, often shy. In September 18th two at noon, after lunch, talk to no acquaintances steal something for cash. In the afternoon, a and B Cen Cen take a taxi to the hospital from the Wenling bridge, get off at the hospital near the bridge terminal, then around looking for places to steal. When the sky was dark, the two went to a village and found a villager’s house lights are not lit, the judge should be no one. Then, they use the prepared screwdriver to pry open the door, and then entered the room for, from the first floor to the third floor, "turn" did not find valuable things. At this time, the master home, found the door ajar in the home, the room there are signs of turning, the consciousness of the home into a thief, called the villagers together to catch the thief. Two people see the situation is not good, open the third floor of the North window, climbed into the next door neighbor. The neighbor’s window and door closed, two people had to hide in the balcony, but still sharp eyed villagers found two people panic from the balcony jumped to escape, did not flee far road, by local villagers caught and alarm. Subsequently, the police rushed to the scene of the A and B Cen Cen to the police station, after ascertaining the facts, on suspicion of theft of a Cen Cen and Yiyu to criminal detention.相关的主题文章: