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Take the children to travel — spy camp store Gu Sui and Tang Dynasties, the castle! – Sohu to bring children to the tourism tourism store castle is one of the strategic one guard the west gate of Jinyang city is one of the military fortress and the troops guarding the capital, it relies on the high handed Mengshan built. According to the research, the first shop this ancient troops, was built in the Sui and Tang Dynasties, has been extended to the year 979, Song Taizong fire water of ancient city of Jinyang, Bukhan out check. Gradually evolved from a military fortress into a village. Now, the village head shop now preserved 460 stone arch cave is intact, each has its own characteristics, the upper and lower walking, channeling between each other, extending in all directions every unit courtyard cave and cave, which is shown as concealment, defense of ancient military bases, firmness and flexibility for battle. This is definitely a good place to explore. When, just to feel a little disappointed, is a group of tattered caves, nor what strange. Wait to go in and see, only to find the beauty. Have a series of caves and cave is communicated between the inside, or stairs or ladders, some channels can only let the body light barely passed, really is one million. There are many Cave Tunnel, tunnel and even a passage, perplexing, twists and turns, leading to the field, forming a series of extensive bunker group. In addition, such as ventilation holes, hope whistle, shooting window and other military facilities, readily available. Walking inside, there is a spur of adventure. I’ve been here for about 3 hours. Yes, suggest that we must bring a flashlight, the castle of dark light, while a voice light, but in some places the twists and turns, the light is not very clear. Moreover, it is unbelievable is the cave in are distributed through the shop kang, wells, stone, stone mill, stove, manger, air vents, looking? Holes, no bunker, can be processed food and cooking. The head of the castle is located south of the village shops in Taiyuan, tickets 10 yuan相关的主题文章: