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Taylor group under 7 days off cut into office by the police off Chien Ming Ke – Beijing, Beijing, November 2, according to Taiwan’s "United Evening News" reported that "a case a LSL" law from a war, more than 20 members in November 1st into the morning to the DPP’s Legislative Yuan caucus total Ke Jianming called the office, criticism of Ke Jianming is cut seven days behind false labor, sit in site, and Chien Ming Ke debate, but Ke Chien Ming did not show up, the protesters finally forcibly carried out by the police. Ke Jianming said that the object of his debate, it should be members. Taiwan’s Legislative Yuan Su Jiaquan government and negotiated the morning of November 1st, Ke Jianming took the statement calls out, hope that the work group members into the caucus denounced the "Legislative Yuan" Office of the illegal behavior disorder. Su Jiaquan said that the office belongs to the private sector, with the Legislative Yuan and the public space of the different committees. Because the DPP has to support the students occupied the Legislative Yuan and broke into the Executive Yuan office, the KMT does not agree to this joint statement, Ke Jianming had seven days off for labor endorsement, Su Jiaquan had to be handled by the office. Unlike the DPP in the past to support students into the Executive Yuan office, and did not criticize the threat of official students. In November 1st, the DPP Secretary General Wu Bing? Also said that individual legislators office is a private place with people, the public areas of the place is not the same, of course, the DPP for such actions do not agree. Work group members into the morning of November 1st, ZTE’s office building in Ke Chien Ming, Raab charges of hard cut labor seven days off behind Ke Jianming, criticized Ke in June this year and industry groups will, like the "Legislative Yuan" management spokesperson, take a minute through the "Labor Standards Law amending the law examination, two minutes to confirm Hansard is. The key role of the total call cut off. The process of labor regiment occupied Ke Jianming’s office, Ke Jianming did not show up, because this is not the normal use of the office of Chien Ming Ke, Ke Jianming daily use of office building in Qingdao Road, Ji’nan road and ZTE building. The police work group left persuasion is invalid, in violation of the social order maintenance law grounds, forced labor members launched work group members though with Lutz resistance, still lost the advantage of police. Ke Chien Ming and Lao Tuan refused to dialogue, he said that the "Legislative Yuan" is the "Legislative Yuan" rules of the game, the future will take the "Legislative Yuan" program, the "Legislative Yuan" security, "Dean", the DPP’s position, of course in the bill will show, will be "government and consultations, the parties should how to compromise, it can talk. (reporter Cheng Ping, Xu Weizhen, and Zhou Youzheng, and Chen Suling)相关的主题文章: