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That is not the real name registration users in Guangdong will stop – Guangdong Channel – original title: tomorrow is not the real name registration users in Guangdong will stop the day before, Guangdong Unicom, Guangdong Telecom, Guangdong mobile respectively through WeChat, micro-blog and other channels issued an ultimatum, not real name registration before September 30th, mobile phone will be shut down". Guangdong communications authority relevant stakeholders also confirmed to reporters, according to the relevant requirements, from October 1st, the real name registration of users will be suspended service. At the end of last year, the Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee issued "on the implementation of Telecom user identity information registration system", require mobile phone users to complete the real name registration in March 30th this year, not registered, urged the operators to be completed within 10 days. 10 days is not handled, can suspend its service, which forced shutdown; since the suspension of 90 days from the date is not required, you can terminate the service, namely the pin number. China’s mobile phone real name system began in 2013, some legal persons said that before 2013, the mobile phone users to stop processing lack of legal basis, and the introduction of the decision, to solve this problem provides local legislation. The day before, Guangdong Telecom, Guangdong mobile, Guangdong Unicom responsible person also make a commitment at the National People’s Congress of the special inspection, the implementation of the relevant provisions of the state, province, "no real name will resolutely stop". Reporters from tongguanju learned that, as of the end of August, our province reached 98.3% mobile phone real name system. (Wang Weikai) (commissioning editor Yang Jieli and Zhang Haiyan)

明起未实名登记广东用户将停机–广东频道–人民网 原标题:明起未实名登记广东用户将停机   日前,广东联通、广东电信、广东移动分别通过微信、微博等渠道发布“最后通牒”,9月30日之前不进行实名登记,手机将被“停机”。广东省通信管理局的相关人士也向记者确认,根据相关要求,从10月1日开始,未进行实名登记的用户将被暂停服务。   去年年底,广东省人大常委会曾发布《关于落实电信用户真实身份信息登记制度的决定》,要求手机用户在今年3月30日前完成实名登记,未登记者,运营商要催促其在10日内完成。10日内依然不办理,则可暂停其服务,即强制停机;自暂停之日起满90日还不补办,则可终止服务,即销号。   我国的手机实名制始于2013年,有法律人士表示,对2013年之前的手机用户做停机处理缺乏法律依据,而该决定的出台,为解决这个问题提供了地方立法。日前,广东电信、广东移动、广东联通的相关负责人在人大代表的专项视察中也做出承诺,落实国家、省相关规定,“不实名就坚决停机”。   记者从通管局了解到,截至8月底,我省的手机实名制达到98.3%。(王伟凯) (责编:杨杰利、张海燕)相关的主题文章: