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Parenting By setting these limits, you are telling your child that it is alright to let out those feelings and emotions, that it is safe to do so, and that you are there for them to make sure that they feel better after they release those emotions. Limit setting is a way for you to counsel your child, and there are certain steps that you can take to accomplish a loving limit. You need to lovingly take on the counselor role as a parent and establish the boundaries and limits. It is imperative that while you are counseling, you try to remain as close as possible to your child, and establish a connection as you do This is where you might find that old frustrations, fears and angers boil up and spill out. This is alright, and is actually what you want to happen. By getting rid of the stress and pent up emotions, your child will be ready to communicate with you about what the root problems are. You will want to reach out to your child by using a friendly posture and caring words. This will allow you to be the sponge so to speak as he or she empties out their fears and emotions to you, whether that is through tantrums or even tears. Again, this is what you want to happen. Spilling out these built up tensions is going to refresh your child, which in turn will encourage them to connect with you. Trying to reason a child out of bad behavior or tantrums is only going to further them from the healing that they need. This type of mental reasoning will possibly take their minds away from throwing a tantrum or fit, but sooner or later, their behavior will become even worse. This is what most discipline ebooks try to get across. Remember that the tantrums are your childs way of releasing pent up emotions and fears, allowing them to heal themselves. It will be hard the first couple of times that you sit with them as they allow their emotions to spill out, whether crying or even a tantrum, but the bond that you are establishing by connecting with your child will lead to trust and respect, which will go a lot further than laying down a punishment or giving him or her a reward. It seems that when you try to reason with your child while they are having their tantrums, they tend to become a whiner. When the whining starts, most parents become very annoyed and begin to see their children as being difficult or even brats. The point is, most discipline ebooks will touch on setting limits, but usually not to this extent or this method. The key to setting limits and boundaries is to spend a consistent amount of time just listening to your child. By supporting him or her emotionally each and every day at different times during the day, he or she will be a much happier child. You will notice a huge difference in your child if you talk with them about any emotional stress or fears before you leave the house to run any errands. This is the key to having stress and tantrum free visits to the mall or grocery store. By implementing this limit setting, your child is going to be stress free, making him or her easy to get along with and very cooperative. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: