The 18 year old boys online shopping simulation gun does not hand Pipanwuqi respond to new network –matlab 等高线�

The 18 year old boys online shopping simulation gun does not hand Pipanwuqi – Fujian high court to respond to Beijing in 2014, Sichuan Dazhou 18 years old boy Liu Dayu through an overseas website online shopping 24 "guns", after the customs seized. After identification, 24 guns in the shape of the object with 21 compressed gas as the power to launch the projectile, of which there are 20 injuries, identified as firearms, Liu Dayu was sentenced to life imprisonment for smuggling weapons. Last November, Liu Dayu and his family lawyer filed a criminal complaint to the Fujian high court, requesting revocation of the decision, to start the retrial. 18 year old boy online shopping simulation gun was sentenced to no period Liu Dayu Sichuan, Dazhou, born in 1996, was born in. It is understood that Liu Dayu has been playing since the age of three has been playing the simulation gun, in some places on the Internet to understand the simulation gun made more sophisticated, not so easy after the bad, it is planned to buy to play. In August 2013, Liu Dayu began to negotiate with a seller in Taiwan to buy a gun shaped toy". In July 2014, he spent more than 3 yuan in accordance with the website provided by the seller in Taiwan, the purchase of the 24 gun shaped toys". At the end of July 2014, Liu Dayu buy this batch of "gun shaped toys" by Fujian Province Shishi customs in Quanzhou Development Zone seized?. Liu Dayu in the year August on suspicion of smuggling weapons, Fujian Shishi customs criminal detention. After the identification of the Quanzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, 24 gun shaped objects in the 21 compressed gas as the power to launch the projectile, of which 20 have the injury. According to the public security organs "firearms and ammunition involved in the performance appraisal of existing gun regulations" standards, when the launch of projectile muzzle kinetic energy is greater than or equal to 1.8 joules cm, are identified as "guns". Therefore, in February 2015, the Quanzhou Municipal People’s Procuratorate to Quanzhou City Intermediate People’s court for prosecution, accused Liu Dayu smuggling weapons. In April 30th of the same year, the Quanzhou intermediate people’s court made a criminal judgment, found that the defendant Liu guilty of smuggling weapons, sentenced to life imprisonment, deprived of political rights for life and confiscation of all personal property. Liu Dayu this appeal, the high court of Fujian on August 25, 2015 criminal ruling upheld. The Fujian high court verdict: improper sentencing age and "gun" does not hand into the key because online shopping "retrial simulation gun", not in the case of receipt of the goods, was sentenced to life imprisonment, Liu Dayu and his relatives can not accept, again appeal, request a retrial. Therefore, sentenced to a year later, in the afternoon of October 18, 2016, the Fujian Provincial Higher People’s court official website informed that the Fujian high court said, according to the law review, retrial decision, that the crime of smuggling weapons to the defendant Liu Dayu, sentenced to life imprisonment, sentencing obviously improper, Liu Dayu relatives complaint accord with new trial conditions. In accordance with the "Supreme People’s court and the Supreme People’s Procuratorate on smuggling criminal case applicable legal interpretation" of Article 1 of the regulations, the smuggling of compressed gas and other non gunpowder powered bullets launch ten guns, belonging to the smuggling of weapons "particularly serious.相关的主题文章: