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The 2016 Guangzhou auto show: X5 hanteng models officially unveiled – Sohu automobile automobile Sohu [2016 Guangzhou auto show]2016 Guangzhou auto show officially kicked off, X5 hanteng models officially unveiled the new car positioned in a compact SUV, the fastest will be listed in the first half of 2017. Dragonrise X5 uses a new family face design, hexagonal grille and headlights, visual effect is relatively young. In addition, X5 hanteng front bumper with a large area of the chrome trim, looks very impressive. The side of the body and tail, with a black D X5 hanteng column design, to create a floating roof visual effect, polygon taillights using LED light source, to heighten logo on both sides of the taillights. Dragonrise X5 the use of the interior design style mature, suspension of large size upper console in the control screen is very eye-catching. In addition, X5 hanteng is also equipped with automatic air conditioning, automatic parking, electronic parking brake etc.. Power, X5 hanteng will be equipped with 1.5T engine and CVT gearbox, X5 hanteng, future production in addition to the introduction of 5 traditional models, will also launch 7 models more practical. Equipped with manual transmission models as well as hybrid and pure electric products are also planned.相关的主题文章: