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The 7 experimentation area FTA overall program will soon introduce the open economy will have a big action 7 FTA overall program will soon have to lead the experimentation area Chinese open economy will have a big action, experts said, China’s FTA test area has been from the coast to the inland development of the central and western regions continue to maintain a good momentum of development in Shanghai, Guangdong newspaper reporter Su Shiyu Tianjin, Fujian free trade zone construction achievements, highlighting the role of test field test area fta. Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council decided to set up 7 free trade zones in Liaoning, Zhejiang, Henan, Hubei, Chongqing, Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. This represents a new trail for the pilot construction of the FTA pilot project." Gao Hucheng, Minister of commerce. It is reported that the Shanghai free trade zone for nearly 3 years, Guangdong, Tianjin, Fujian free trade zone and Shanghai free trade zone expansion test area is full year old". Since the construction of free trade zone pilot work, the 4 Free Trade Zone in the investment, trade, finance, entrepreneurship, innovation, things, after supervision and other aspects of the bold exploration, effectively stimulate the market main body vitality, and promote the public entrepreneurship, innovation. China Academy of Social Sciences Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Institute Zhong Feiteng, director of the big power relations office, in an interview with the Securities Daily reporters, said that with the convening of G20, as the host, China will lead the opening economy will have a big move. Expanding the scope of free trade test area can reduce the burden for enterprises to participate in international trade and investment, and the free trade experimentation area will also enjoy more convenient and convenient arrangements in the circulation. In addition, it is conducive to the innovation of some new industrial products and trading methods. Because of the flexible mechanism, the free trade zone can generally promote innovation. Gao Hucheng said, "side pilot, side summary, side promotion" is one of the important principles of the work of the free trade zone. The new 7 FTA test area, will continue to rely on the existing approved by the State Council, the new park, to continue the core on the system innovation, further docking high standards of international economic and trade rules, in a broader and wider form each have distinctive features and pilot pattern focus, promote the comprehensive deepening reform and opening up. Liaoning province is mainly to implement the central government on speeding up the market orientation system mechanism reform, and promote structural adjustment requirements, efforts to build a new engine to enhance the overall competitiveness of the northeast old industrial base and the level of opening up. Zhejiang province is mainly to implement the requirements of the Central Committee on "explore the construction of Zhoushan free trade zone", to promote the liberalization of commodity trade, improve the global configuration ability of bulk commodities to explore. Henan province is mainly the implementation on speeding up the construction of the north-south, east-west connecting the modern three-dimensional traffic system of the central and the request of modern logistics system, modern integrated transport hub construction services in the "The Belt and Road construction. Hubei province is mainly carrying out the requirements of the central government on the orderly transfer of industrial transfer in the central region, the construction of a number of strategic emerging industries and high-tech industrial base, and play its exemplary role in the implementation of the strategy of the rise of the central region and the promotion of the construction of the Yangtze River Economic belt. Chongqing is mainly carrying out the important role of the Central Committee on bringing the strategic fulcrum and junction point of Chongqing into full play

7个自贸实验区总体方案不日出台 开放经济将有大动作   7个自贸实验区总体方案不日出台 中国引领开放经济将有大动作   专家表示,我国自贸试验区已经由沿海向内陆发展,对中西部地区继续保持良好发展势头   ■本报记者 苏诗钰   “上海、广东、天津、福建自贸试验区建设取得的成效,彰显了自贸试验区的试验田作用。近日,党中央、国务院决定,在辽宁省、浙江省、河南省、湖北省、重庆市、四川省、陕西省新设立7个自贸试验区。这代表着自贸试验区建设进入了试点探索的新航程。”商务部部长高虎城表示。   据悉,上海自贸试验区运行近3年,广东、天津、福建自贸试验区及上海自贸试验区扩展区域已满“周岁”。自贸试验区建设工作启动以来,4个自贸试验区在投资、贸易、金融、创业创新、事中事后监管等多个方面进行了大胆探索,有效激发了市场主体活力,推动了大众创业、万众创新。   中国社会科学院亚太与全球战略研究院大国关系室主任钟飞腾在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,随着G20召开,作为东道主,中国在引领开放经济方面将有大动作。扩大自贸试验区范围可以为企业参与国际贸易投资减负,自贸实验区在流通环节也将享受更为便利、便捷的安排。此外,有利于一些新型产业产品和交易方式的创新,因机制灵活,自贸试验区通常可以促进创新。   高虎城表示,“边试点、边总结、边推广”是自贸试验区工作的重要原则之一。新设的7个自贸试验区,将继续依托现有经国务院批准的新区、园区,继续紧扣制度创新这一核心,进一步对接高标准国际经贸规则,在更广领域、更大范围形成各具特色、各有侧重的试点格局,推动全面深化改革扩大开放。   辽宁省主要是落实中央关于加快市场取向体制机制改革、推动结构调整的要求,着力打造提升东北老工业基地发展整体竞争力和对外开放水平的新引擎。   浙江省主要是落实中央关于“探索建设舟山自由贸易港区”的要求,就推动大宗商品贸易自由化,提升大宗商品全球配置能力进行探索。   河南省主要是落实中央关于加快建设贯通南北、连接东西的现代立体交通体系和现代物流体系的要求,着力建设服务于“一带一路”建设的现代综合交通枢纽。   湖北省主要是落实中央关于中部地区有序承接产业转移、建设一批战略性新兴产业和高技术产业基地的要求,发挥其在实施中部崛起战略和推进长江经济带建设中的示范作用。   重庆市主要是落实中央关于发挥重庆战略支点和连接点重要作用、加大西部地区门户城市开放力度的要求,带动西部大开发战略深入实施。   四川省主要是落实中央关于加大西部地区门户城市开放力度以及建设内陆开放战略支撑带的要求,打造内陆开放型经济高地,实现内陆与沿海沿边沿江协同开放。   陕西省主要是落实中央关于更好发挥“一带一路”建设对西部大开发带动作用、加大西部地区门户城市开放力度的要求,打造内陆型改革开放新高地,探索内陆与“一带一路”沿线国家经济合作和人文交流新模式。   上海立信会计金融学院自贸区研究院副院长肖本华在接受《证券日报》记者采访时表示,七个自贸试验区的总体方案即将出台。第三批自贸区的获批,说明我国的自贸试验区已经由沿海向内陆发展,对中西部地区继续保持良好发展势头,对东北振兴有积极作用。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: