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The "big 3" single day box office four consecutive hot holiday entertainment Tencent Wulitou "Westward Journey" series of films "westward journey 3" are the major theaters aggressively. Since its release in September 14th, in the same period of the film, the film won four consecutive days of the mainland film market at the box office list, become the pillar of the mid autumn festival market stalls. In addition, the film style is precisely hit Wulitou Comedy audience’s demand for the Mid Autumn Festival holiday brought infinite joy. Won the championship at the box office proud human support the market in September 14th, various large synchronous landing national cinema box office, the Mid Autumn Festival officially started the battle. Run for four days in the same period, a large number of cases of infighting, the movie "westward journey 3" always overwhelmingly ranked top box office, no suspense to win four consecutive championships in September for a single day at the box office, the market with huge energy. This year’s Mid Autumn Festival stalls, various types of film released simultaneously seemingly lively, but insufficient momentum, there are few single day box office across the 30 million red line, the overall trend of the market. The "westward journey 3" opening day box office exceeded 40 million, accounting for 41.8%, with rolling state won, in the next few days, still maintain high momentum, play a huge role in this special period of leading the overall market downturn, called the mainland film market model. Bustling hilarious comedy happy holidays in 90s, Hongkong director Jeffrey Lau’s "Westward Journey" let Wulitou culture popular in the mainland, but look at the Chinese film market for many years, although there are many people tried to create a purveyor of films, but not to be comparable with those. Today, the comedian with the latest masterpiece "westward journey 3" windy return, funny than three funny sell adorable, he a noisy, humorous zhizunbao is inadvertently let people uproarious, many viewers said "explosive shock comedy Wu Jing, did not think there is such a funny guy one side", "the emperor is not serious, but I love this fairy". In addition, the film is also a lot of surprises in the group, accompanied by the rhythm of the pipa, while playing while singing the "love of life", "God and man Hi" scene left a deep impression on the audience. Returning to the irreverent comedy screen reproduction, extraordinary "fruit laugh off the Mid Autumn Festival tide," westward journey 3 "is to help the audience to release the pressure, harvest a great weapon of laughter. It is reported that the film "westward journey 3" by Han Geng, starring Tang Yan, Karen Mok (micro-blog) (micro signal: karenmok01), Wu Jing, Hu Jing starred in friendship, in the spring and Autumn period, Leroy entertainment, film star alliance led by Zoran company produced, Beijing issue, Tianjin Silver River culture media Co., Ltd. jointly issued by 2D and 3D. China IMAX, immersive sound, 4DX, ScreenX, MX4D format strong landing National Theater, cinema is being aggressively.相关的主题文章: