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TEKNEST you remember the bird’s nest in September 30th 15 full invoice, Lama Temple in the northwest corner of the crossroads, a collection of thousands of people face fun. They met or not met, from all sides together, colliding with the glass in his hand, to celebrate their own festival was born: dART (dART Festival) creative power. You might remember around this time last year dART held it s first party at Tango. ‘It’ s been a wild ride since then – parties throughout China, China s first ever Boiler Room sessions "(and the most watched Boiler Room to date and even super!), cool designs for purchase (more on that later!). To celebrate, dART has combined a little birthday shindig for the insiders with a great big outdoor festival. over the past year, dART years old music season officially started today. In September 15th, 17, 18, three days. The bird’s nest waiting for you to come to the pilgrimage ceremony, August 16th dART birthday feast invites you to drink all night. Here, for 4 consecutive days of continuous music event to get through your hands and feet of the pulse of the two minutes, to heal your nerves. Finally, after years on the fringe, an outdoor electronic music festival is coming back to Beijing Brought to you by dART! With the help of 10Festival, a new outdoor creative electronic music festival is launched TekNest combines hot as fire! Electronic music with innovative multimedia art and creative performance. let me see in your browsing history "the mid Autumn Festival go to play", "three days trip", "how to arrange the three day holiday.相关的主题文章: