The boss to remain in business to cheat customers loans suspected of the crime of fraudulent loans b 残清1864

The boss to remain in business to cheat customers loans suspected of the crime of fraudulent loans under the original title: corporate debt to cheat merchants billion loan companies operating difficulties, the person in charge of Xu concealed the business situation, get more than and 100 downstream merchants bank loans to 100 million yuan, the company provided to use. Suspicion of the crime of fraudulent loans, Xu and Beijing haifuxin Trading Co. Ltd. is the prosecution to the court, yesterday morning in Haidian court hearing the case (Figure). Hundreds of people accused of inducing loan prosecutor accused, the legal representative of the defendant Xu Department of the haifuxin company, 2012 haifuxin company sales continued to decline, shortage of funds. In order to maintain operations, Xu decided in the name of the company to a number of banks and small loan company loans, and to conceal the business situation and debt situation, signed a cooperation agreement with the batch business banks, by the downstream distributors haifuxin company recommended to cooperate with the user to bank loans. At the same time, Xu also assigned the haifuxin company downstream distributors and users of private agreement, to more than 100 business loans to banks in his own name for the haifuxin company, making 1.4 million yuan into the haifuxin company accounts for the company’s daily operation, the company to repay the loan and interest, instead of the haifuxin company business loans monthly repayment to the bank, but only partial performance of supply or return money to loan business obligations. Public prosecutor that the haifuxin company and Xu deception to obtain bank loans, if the circumstances are especially serious, their behavior violated China’s "criminal law" provisions, should be held criminally responsible for the crime of fraudulent loans. Business: a large amount of borrowing from the public yesterday morning, the case in Haidian court hearing, accused the defendant Xu does not dissent. Reporters learned that the haifuxin company was established in 1997, registered capital of 80 million yuan, mainly engaged in wine business. Xu said in a statement, 2010 and 2011 are the haifuxin company the best business in two years, employees have more than 1000 people, two years sales of up to 1 billion yuan. From the beginning of 2012, the company began to decline, sales fell more than 30%." Xu said that in 2013, in 2014, the company’s sales fell by more than 50%, leaving only about two or three employees. During the haifuxin company warehouse drinks a large backlog, cash flow difficulties, the company capital chain rupture, to September 2014, the haifuxin company has debt owed 800 million yuan. Xu said the haifuxin company has been to bank loans for business, in good years, the repayment of bank loans and interest are no problem. However, since 2012, the company operating difficulties, it can only rely on small loans for short-term loans to repay bank loans. "The folk loan interest rate is very high, basically from 6% to 3%. But after the loan market further deterioration, cash is difficult, the capital chain is broken." Borrowing: customers confused sign one of the victims Hou lady testified that once she was in a meal with Xu, Xu said the recent liquor business is not good to do, to help her sales, 2相关的主题文章: