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The chairman of Tibet’s first approved to build the lead shareholders life insurance company has been the Commission to investigate the Sina fund exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Hui Bao world in September 8th, China Insurance Regulatory Commission approved the establishment of the state life insurance Limited by Share Ltd. According to the China Insurance Regulatory Commission documents, the state life insurance intends to register the registered capital of 1 billion yuan, intends to be registered in Lhasa, aspiring chairman of the board of directors, Xiao Canjun, general manager intends to be. According to the Shanghai Shimao announcements, Shanghai Shimao winpark for life is the largest shareholder, invested 200 million yuan, the shareholding ratio of 20%. In recent years, the China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Xiang Junbo rushing around, and urged the local government attaches great importance to the insurance industry, and to support the development of the insurance industry in local communities. He has said publicly that the new tilt mechanism to Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, there is no legal institution of insurance area, a province can have an insurance company, an insurance company. At present, the Tibet area legal person insurance company has Mount Everest insurance, coupled with the number of chips just winpark life, seems to be the quota is full. Department of state life insurance deputy general manager Xiao Canjun, former director of Xinhua insurance and general manager of the northeast region, in June this year, Xiao Canjun also appeared in the open competition for the post of vice president of Xinhua insurance list of 17 people, after a short period of 3 months but appeared in the life winpark batch of chips on file. Xinhua Insurance insiders to the wisdom of the world to ensure that the news of the resignation of Xiao Li, this is the main policy since Wan Feng Xinhua insurance, following Sun Yuchun, leaving Second Senior managers. Data show that the winpark life of the six shareholders are launching the Shanghai Shimao Limited by Share Ltd, Jinjiang Hao Ying Import & Export Co., Ltd. Quanzhou Zhongyuan Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd., Shishi Kim min Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Mason Fitness Club Co. Ltd., Xiamen Mingfa Group Co. ltd.. From the perspective of the shareholders, the exchange state life although registered in Tibet, but shareholders are mostly from Fujian. Among them, Shanghai Shimao is Fujian Xu Rongmao real estate company, and before the sole shareholder owned enterprises in Shanghai is the nephew of Xu Rongmao Xu Shiyong Mason at the end of last year, change to Shanghai Shimao former executives Wang Rui, Shanghai Shimao also seems to be inextricably linked. The other three import and export companies and the development of the group are also local enterprises in Fujian. Because the shareholders of Shanghai Shimao and Mingfa group are typical housing prices, therefore, winpark life approved can be regarded as another typical case of the real estate enterprises get together into the insurance industry. By the real estate company shares or holding insurance companies, is not uncommon in the country, Wanda equity life of one hundred years, Hengda Hengda Hengda life insurance, treasure holding Qianhai life, Hopson Pearl River life insurance are listed here. Xiang Junbo had made it clear that China Insurance Regulatory Commission on the approval of the license to adhere to grasp the four principles, that is, to improve their own conditions of the enterprise, service national strategy, focus on the blank area and support professional innovation. From the perspective of the shareholders, the shareholders have no significant advantages of state life insurance, on the state life itself, its business model is a traditional life insurance. In particular, it is worth noting that the state life insurance相关的主题文章: