The day after tomorrow morning Yao Ming inducted into the hall of fame has been married to Ai

Yao Ming: the day after tomorrow morning inducted into the hall of fame has been married to Jose Ai Fukuhara exposed Jiang honji · Torres Happy birthday! Today’s longevity: the former Portuguese football player: Jose · Torres   Yao Ming (78 years old) after inducted into the hall of Fame career deserved to draw a perfect full stop for > > Beijing time on September 10th, Yao Ming NBA will officially join the basketball hall of fame, he is one of the history of the NBA the most popular and most charismatic player. The hall of fame is the greatest compliment to Yao Ming player.   Jiang honji married Ai Fukuhara exposure porcelain doll plans to continue the details > > the famous tennis player Ai Fukuhara (27), has been quietly married early in the month, the husband is the Taiwan table tennis player Jiang Hongjie (27). Sources said that after the end of the Olympic Games in Rio returned to Tokyo, the two submitted to the government of Tokyo, the marriage application. Jiang Hongjie is from Taiwan, Hsinchu, height 180, is a handsome idol player.  : fat: because Dr. J started playing basketball Yao Ming is the strongest opponent details > > "shark" O’neal this week will officially enter the basketball hall of fame. The famous "Sports Center" program to accept the interview, O’neal said he was in the hall of fame ceremony why choose four references. In addition, he praised Yao Ming, who was also named this year’s Basketball Hall of fame, "the strongest opponent I have ever met".   western media exposure C Luo Ying won the weekend season debut 60 minutes for > > in many games out of the club and the national team, C Ronaldo is expected in this week ushered in his debut season, according to reports in the Spanish media, C Ronaldo in the current round of aosasuna contest in 60 minutes.   FA and Suning renhang negotiation matters Xi’an home court or because the grass is for details > > it is reported that in recent days the national team will be sent to Xi’an to examine the turf field. If the turf quality is not enough, the Chinese team will launch an emergency plan – replace the home. Judging from the current alternative cities, Changsha ranked first candidate, Wuhan is the second.   Huang Zhan sun video sing the birthday song for Loew: all my love for you! Details of the > > according to the Cleveland honest man reported today is the Cavaliers starting power forward, Kevin – Loew’s 28 birthday. Lebron, the leader of the Cavaliers, sang a birthday song for Loew by social media, and wished him a happy birthday for the first time on.   the U.S. Murray decider fatally break nishikori was reversed missed 4 details > > Beijing on September 8th news, the 2016 U.S. Open Men’s singles 14 to the final contest, won the No. 2 seed Murray against Japan, popular brother nishikori, two people to start a wonderful showdown, Murray twice and was twice the leading level 6-1 4-6 6-4 1-6 5-7 by the end of jin!相关的主题文章: