The director since S6 first appearance provoke fans worried about emaciation with sallow complexion spyair

The director from S6 for the first time since appearance: fans are worried that the rind jungler emaciation with sallow complexion got back, deep love, responsible for cutting, S6 LPL lost the world cup, many users complain the output operation, but the care? Do you mind if you look at this picture, you know that the director is not aware of the comments?. Since EDG zhibubajiang, the director also hanbok is not on the Rank, also don’t live, are you worried about the director is not sprayed to appear in public view, it seems that everyone feared. First appearance, feel the thin, before the 150 pounds up to 120 pounds of the mantis now also said, don’t be fake. The head or the melon rind, but face significant weight loss a lot, a lot of people very much hope that you can come back, okay, spicy pot earlier revealed that the all star game should be in boston. But the difference is that the factory director is now surrounded by a clear hint of sadness in the side, during this period must hear a lot, I think a lot of it, as a professional player, no pressure can not ah. ClearLove promise, welcome back! I hope you continue to go in LPL, also hope you will not face thin, don’t let your fans worry about love. Finally, I hope you can do to eat drink factory  相关的主题文章: