The doctor says to mouth, mouth to nose, these skills can help Sohu Healthy

The doctor said | mouth to mouth, mouth to nose, these skills can help travel Sohu Sohu health Peking University International Hospital although the distance National Day holiday seven days and a week, but many friends have already requested a good fake ahead of time travel, there are still hard stick in the post international Jun heart the collapse of the…… After the spirit of encouragement, (strong) International Jun warm remind you: in the full enjoyment of a happy holiday at the same time, always pay attention to the safety of travel. Intimate international monarch for this particular preparation of a few travel practical tips, I hope to help you in the trip. Tip 1: sudden cardiac and respiratory arrest take CPR, drowning, sudden convulsions, sighing respiration, loss of consciousness, at the time of travel, such emergencies occur, when family or friends have similar situations, but not around the professional personnel, how to do? Emergency department deputy chief physician Qin Yuhong reminder, according to the newest 2015 CPR guidelines, found a sudden loss of consciousness, should take the following measures: the judgment and call for help, including: judgment consciousness, call for medical professionals, check the carotid pulse at the same time, observation of respiratory movement examination time should not exceed 10 seconds! Early CPR, focusing on chest compressions. Key point: the center of the chest (two line at the nipple and sternum) pressing depth: 5~6cm press frequency: 100~120 times of pressing and relax time is approximately equal to open the airway: head chin lift – open airway foreign body removal: open the airway after removal of foreign bodies in the mouth visible (such as dentures, vomit etc.). Suspected airway foreign bodies immediately encourage patients to cough, using the Hemilich method: sober: abdominal shock patients in standing or sitting; but there are heart patients in a coma: abdominal supine shock; cardiac arrest, late pregnancy, obesity patient: chest percussion method (supine chest chest compressions the impact of law; standing or sitting position). Artificial respiration mouth to mouth to nose tip 2: during the period of "POLICE" principle of disposal of joint injury leave, arrangements for climbing, running and other sports project, pay attention to the students, not good warm-up, is likely to cause sports injury, especially the ankle injury is very common. When an emergency occurs, the international gentleman reminds you to follow the "POLICE" principle to deal with the damage and seek medical attention as soon as possible. So, "POLICE" principle specifically refers to what? And how to operate? Let rehabilitation partners for you about science:? P (Protection protection): in the early stage of acute injury, it should be possible to protect the tools and proper posture, avoid sports injury hurt again. But the so-called protection is not only a simple rest, but in the protection of the injured limb should begin to carry out its gentle activities. But in the course of the activity, still need to protect the damaged tissue. OL (Optimum Loading, suitable load): This is not the biggest with the "PRICE" principle.相关的主题文章: