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The driver gave the driver escape mask the truth crushed puppy trial surrender – Beijing newspaper news (correspondent Yuan Xiangfeng) crashed after leaving the scene, then one after another abnormal behavior, also called his father to tell the relevant circumstances…… This occurred in the case of traffic accident in Jiangxi, Wuning, was the first instance court that the defendant surrendered, there is no escape plot, and then made a nine month sentence. After the verdict, Wuning County procuratorate protest. Recently, the Jiujiang Intermediate Court adopted the views of the protest, to rescind the original judgment, Zhang Kun was sentenced to three years imprisonment verdict. Zhang Kun driving heavy truck for more than ten years. August 6, 2015 at 4 in the morning, Zhang Kun, as usual, driving heavy truck overloading loading steel, from Hubei into Wuning county. To avoid overloading the inspection site, Zhang Kun still made a detour to Wuning County in a nearby village, passers-by Wang cut down after rolling, causing Wang died on the spot. After the incident, Zhang Kun driving a truck to leave quickly, due to panic and go wrong familiar road, during which he called the traffic accident will tell the father. The steel is shipped to the destination, he cleaned the truck on the hair and blood, and deliberately killed on the way back, grind rolling dog. Police investigation of the incident section of the surveillance video and visit the surrounding masses, lock Zhang Kun driving a truck is a major suspect. Found the truck and disassembly inspection, the police found the hair and blood in the rear axle. After identification, in line with the deceased Wang DNA. Zhang Kun was summoned. In May this year, Wuning County Procuratorate on suspicion of traffic accident to prosecute Zhang Kun. After the court of first instance, prosecutors alleged Zhang Kun escapes with the plot, citing a lack of evidence has not been identified; that its active in custody after police received a call, confession of the facts of the crime, Department of surrender; in view of its positive loss compensation for the families of the victims and get understanding of each other, in a traffic accident sentenced to nine months in prison. After receiving the verdict, Wuning County procuratorate for examination, Zhang Kun was summoned several confessed after appearing in court, on the scene when the victim saw, saw the victim when the vehicle distance and the police received a phone call to tell his father before the traffic accident circumstances deliberately hide, it has a subjective intent to evade responsibility. At the same time, according to Zhang Kun Department of more than more than and 10 years old driver was in the wrong way, familiar with the road than usual for long, clean vehicles, deliberately killed roller rolling dog abnormalities, the whole case evidence, which can be identified at the time of the accident is known, the objective to avoid legal responsibility and fled the scene. The Institute also believes that although Zhang Kun accept the police summons initiative appearing in court, but deliberately concealed has important influence on the sentencing of the escape plot, not truthfully confessed, should not belong to surrender. Accordingly, the Wuning County People’s Procuratorate to the judgment of the facts are unclear, error of law, judicial recognition, improper sentencing abnormal light grounds protest. The Jiujiang intermediate court after hearing that, procuratorial organs of the establishment of the reasons, then made the final judgment.相关的主题文章: