The eastern pattern a super strong who can stop the knight two giants to rise (video)

The eastern pattern: a super strong knight who can stop a team of NBA two giants to rise a Knight Movie: James won the final salvation like Li Jin holding Tencent sports news October 23rd 2016-17 season will be officially opened the curtain, the eastern part of a super strong pattern has been formed. The knight wants to achieve defending, first to be ready for the Celtics, the Raptors Team Challenge equivalent. The two giants Nicks and the bulls, after this summer’s reinforcement, the desire for a strong rise. The knight is still the eastern overlord! The overall strength of the East is not known to the west, since the Jordan era, the alliance is basically a strong west east weak pattern. But last season, the eastern alliance shame Yong, a number of teams also rise, greatly enhance its overall competitiveness, a great catch momentum in the west. Last season, winning 49.4% overall in eastern, Western 50.6%, already very close. A total of 10 teams winning the eastern reaches or exceeds 50%, and the west only 8. Eastern eighth piston record reached a record of 44 wins and 38 points, while the West’s rockets record of only 41 wins and 41 losses of eighth. The playoff quarterfinals winning last appeared in the eastern all over 50%, or in 2012, and the Division has 10 teams winning at least 50%, can be traced back to 1998. These data indicate that the eastern competitiveness has not lost the west. The good news is that the new season, the eastern part of the overall fundamentals are good. In the past this summer, basically no loss of Eastern star players, but to dig in the western Howard, yibaka et al. At the same time, some young teams, such as the Celtics, pistons, bucks, wizards and other teams will continue to grow. Predictably, the new season of the East, not only in the area of competition will be very intense, and they have to make the West and meet as equals, regular season the League more attractive. A super strong! Who can stop the male and the eastern Knight though, but at least for now, no team can and knight on an equal footing. From the point of view of star couplers, Knight leader James is still serving first people, the other team is clearly not the same level of ace. Look at the number of players, with James, Erwin knight and Le Fu three giant, also let the other team to catch up. Then look at the lineup depth, knight and Thompson, J-R-, Smith, Jefferson, sweet Alpert Frye, Dunleavy, this is the highest salary League squad. Finally look at the mentality, the knight is defending champion, is naturally not lack of confidence. So, according to the division of power, the knight is the only one in the East, then many teams, such as the Celtics and the Raptors, their goal is to impact the dominance of the knight. Thus, in a super strong pattern has been formed, who can stop the knight in the new season? The Celtics are believed to have second in the eastern part of the strength, is also the most likely sniper team. The Celtics have a good coach and tactical system, the young players in the team are growing every year, they also got the all star center in the free market. No one would be surprised if the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals in the new season. Of course, to say that Nick also forgot the Raptors can not Knight..相关的主题文章: