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The fifth Chinese – Asia Europe Expo upcoming international and Hong Kong and Macao exhibitors surge – Beijing News Agency in September 18 Urumqi Xinhua (reporter Sun Tingwen) "to jointly build and share, the Silk Road: opportunities and future" as the theme of the fifth session of China – Asia Europe Expo 20 will be held here at the opening ceremony. Activities will continue until 25. 18 days, reporters from the fifth session of Chinese – Asia Europe Expo second press conference was informed that in addition to the main forum — China – Asia Europe economic development and cooperation forum, will be held during the 15 Ministerial Forum and special events, including news, China – Asia Europe forum of Ministers of port entry-exit health and quarantine Cooperation Forum, silk the Internet Financial Forum, overseas Chinese and Silk Road Economic Belt Development Forum, the countries along the Silk Road, the women’s forum information highway interconnection forum, Xinjiang Silk Road legal service cooperation forum. The fifth session of the Asia Europe Expo Chinese – deputy secretary general, Minister Ni Ruchi said that the forum and special events involving 15 areas of finance, science and technology, agriculture, commerce, news, culture and law, there will be nearly 200 domestic and foreign guests attending the ministerial level. One of the 11 forums will reach a number of intergovernmental cooperation agreement, signed a series of cooperation projects. According to reports, in all 2192 participating companies, international and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises 418, compared with the fourth session of the 133 increase in the number of participating countries and regions of the 57, compared with the previous 48 increased by 19%. Belarus will be the guest of honor to attend the fifth session of Chinese – Asia Europe Expo exhibition area, will set the previous exhibition record, up to 360 square meters. 40 well-known German brand will be the "German Pavilion" in the form of the fifth Asia Europe Expo debut, this is the first in Germany to use fair platform within the territory of China, expand new channels of trade and economic cooperation in Germany by central trains. In addition, Nepal’s General Chamber of Commerce in Nepal and the Nigerian economic and trade association is the first organization of nearly 50 people attended the delegation. Ni Ruchi also said that the global convergence of the new Silk Road, sponsored by the Alibaba group will also be held during the launching ceremony in the China, designed by the Alibaba group – Asia Europe Expo, B2B, B2C, C2C and other fields of electronic business service platform to promote, explore and promote the development of cross-border electricity supplier in Xinjiang mode. In addition, Henan, Shaanxi, Gansu and Tianjin will be held at the same time "The Belt and Road construction promotion, to expand economic and trade cooperation with Xinjiang, promote its economy closer to the market in Central Asia and European countries, increase the openness. Ni Ruchi said that the fifth Asia Europe Expo exhibition scale, body mass, subject matter for most of the previous. The exhibition area of 140 thousand square meters, the domestic 30 provinces and 6 municipalities, Xinjiang and Xinjiang city will exhibit famous specialty products and investment cooperation projects, 6 international organizations and 57 countries and regions in the domestic and foreign guests confirmed exhibitors participating, 2192 exhibitors and professional buyers will reached 3500, a record high. (end)相关的主题文章: