The girl likes to dry the skin on her lips, and she has 1 kinds of

Girls love to tear the lips of dry skin, got 1 kinds of disease to a young girl, written interrogation records in the clinic, a girl picked instant mask frightened me, a pretty girl had swollen lips, dry skin and several pieces of blood scab, the lips look not a good place like. The girl said: "doctor, I went to the doctor diagnosed chronic cheilitis in other hospital, used several kinds of drugs are not very useful, it is repeatedly lips not how much, and I are too lazy to go out to see friends!" Later, after a detailed inquiry, I only know this girl has an addiction: always uncontrollably bite lips, tear the skin on the lips. The girl said at the beginning for the winter dry lips are peeling, hand put up the dead skin off, did not think that there is a sense of pleasure, since you won’t stop, all the year round, tearing the lips skin, unable to control themselves! The result is: the lips are often their bite, tear badly mutilated, after bleeding, pain, swelling, crusting, began peeling, again and again the process eventually suffered from cheilitis. Cheilitis, is an inflammatory disease of the lips, have acute and chronic, chronic disease and lingering, mainly for dry skin, lip mucosa repeatedly itching, swelling and pain, exudation, crusting liquid, Chinese medicine called "lip lip wind"". Western medicine thinks cause cheilitis causes more complex, general and genetic, infection, allergy, vitamin B2 deficiency and artificial stimulation of Chinese medicine spleen and lip diseases are closely related, and the performance of cheilitis often with heat in the spleen, spleen deficiency and wind dryness have a certain relationship. The article mentioned at the beginning of the patient, is caused by long-term damage to the human lips, which also has a certain relationship with the psychological factors, patients often have obsessive-compulsive disorder related performance. In addition, the clinic also met with lipstick allergy causes cheilitis, cheilitis and allergic to certain food causes. In addition, long-term smoking and drinking, eating hot food is the high incidence of cheilitis. Western medicine is not a particularly effective method for the treatment of traditional Chinese medicine conditioning cheilitis, will not cure in the short term, so the prevention and nursing of cheilitis is particularly important. Now immediately to the lips of the most dry season of the year, we hope to do the following: 1, don’t lick lips, try to consciously control, otherwise it will lead to more and more dry lips; 2, don’t bite lips or tear the lips of dry skin, easy to cause the lips bleeding injury, up for the dry skin can use such a small scissors cut off the mirror; 3, do not rely too much on the lip balm, especially easy to allergies, can be used in edible sesame oil with thin lips; 4, cold and dry weather to go out to try to wear masks, reduce the stimulation of the lips; 5. Don’t eat too hot, spicy food, light based diet, the amount of water from the body in a dry state. Disclaimer: This article deals with the network, the copyright belongs to the original author相关的主题文章: