The history of the most crowded National Day holiday spawned new forms of Tourism headache怎么读�

The history of the most crowded National Day holiday spawned a new form of tourism eleven holiday is over. I do not know if we have the "three pounds of fat during the festive season," the curse, but this holiday can also comfort themselves, not to eat fat Festival, but was squeezed swollen. The National Tourism Administration issued 7 National Day holiday tourism market report shows that in 2016 the National Day golden week, a total of 593 million tourists trips, an increase of 12.8%, total tourism income of 482 billion 200 million yuan, an increase of 14.4%. Can be described as the history of the most crowded national day. From the perspective of tourism consumer groups age distribution, 90 groups began to emerge, but in the tourism market, 80 groups still occupy absolute advantage in economic capacity. Data show that during the National Day this year, after 80 is still the main force of the National Day Golden Week travel market travel, accounting for 41% of the total number. From the point of view of tourism, consumers have not only limited to the group tour, self driving tour and other forms of tourism. Delicacy experience, cosmetic, cruise yachts, RV camping, health, sports, travel and tourism product supply is rich, full flowering. In recent years, thanks to the personalized service demand, custom tour has become a booming tourism market darling. This year during the National Day customized tour has also been favored by many users. Visitors only need to submit an online platform or travel agencies and other institutions to customize the needs of customized travel consultants can design a unique personal itinerary, in the process of service are one to one. According to the China Tourism Research Institute released 2016 "eleven" travel trends report and popularity rankings. Golden Week this year, for the first time there are a large number of consumers customized travel platform tailored travel, an increase of 500% last year. In fact, custom tour has long been a very popular way of travel abroad, is based on the needs of tourists, tourists led travel itinerary design. Popular that is based on their own preferences and needs of customized travel itinerary. This model in the industry is characterized by weakening or eliminating the middleman. Can bring the most personalized service to tourists. At present, China has been in the embryonic stage. It is reported that the well-known online travel service provider Ctrip and where has reached this piece of blue ocean, and build custom tour platform. To where the network, for example, 1000 vendors on the platform has been provided to the 5800 tourists in the city of 305 tourism customized services. At the same time, some travel startups trying to "custom tour this personalized service to win in the tourism giant rolling. Data show that as of October 7th, Chinese online travel of start-up companies to obtain financing 37 start-ups, including customized tour areas have 10, accounting for the number of financing enterprises 27%, 3 to 5 for the angel round, pre-A round, A round two. One like that, Qin Yue, Wuzhou, holiday tour tour tour is the second high-end custom tour brand. At present, China has about 146 million of the middle class, has a higher level of culture, and led the entertainment, catering and tourism, etc.相关的主题文章: