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The Japanese government will pronounce v. Okinawa governor is right into a new network network focus in September new 16, according to Japanese media reports, around the relocation of Futenma air station to Okinawa Henoko Bay incident, the Japanese government requesting that the county governor Naga Oshi to deal with illegal action, will local time 16 days in the afternoon of the Naha branch of the Fukuoka High Court announced the verdict. Reported that Weng long canceled practice Henoko coastal landfill permit whether it is right to become the focus of. This is bound to discuss the influence of the Futenma issue, the verdict is striking. This will be the first judicial judgment against the relocation of the Japanese government and the Okinawa County government. The losing party is prepared to continue the appeal, and the Supreme Court is expected to announce the final result of the year. The two sides have confirmed that they will abide by the final results, but Weng said that "all measures will be taken to stop the relocation", but also began to study other means of confrontation. This lawsuit, the central government advocates to eliminate in the urban areas of the Futenma risk and maintain the trust relationship, it is necessary to implement the reclamation project in moving to destinations. Okinawa county is countered: "former governor of license of reclamation of the decision is not reasonable, it is legal to cancel the license." The central government has asked the governor to withdraw the decision, but in July he has not promised. The trial ended after two oral arguments, and only about a month or so since the start of the proceedings will usher in the sentencing of two.相关的主题文章: