The lottery shop God even burst 1 million 710 thousand +86 million +80 million +40 million +179 mill rainism

The lottery shop God even burst 1 million 710 thousand +86 million +80 million +40 million +179 million +169 million! 1 million 690 thousand lottery ticket for the Linyi economic and Technological Development Zone Station and 22869 lottery prize: Recently, store lottery hi color lottery winner 16134 prize 1 note, 1 note two prize, won a prize of 1693720 yuan! With this win, less than 10 months, 22869 in 1 million 710 thousand, the station has 860 thousand, 800 thousand, 400 thousand, 1 million 790 thousand, 1 million 690 thousand and 6 lottery prize, so let us love these impressive record "lottery friends who" surprised, secret? Bring it here! "The secret thing, of course is the force!" In the face of our questioning, Dong webmaster ha ha and we played a joke. "Planted under the tree, do not worry about the Phoenix does not come." Now, Dong station is revealed to us "little secret". Dong Master said, in order to attract love to shop in the soccer lottery betting, but he made efforts. The store subscribes to "310", "world football lottery" such as newspapers and magazines for lottery lottery lottery through reference; a lot of professional software installed in the computer store, provide free services to store lottery. "We have a store dinghaishenzhen." Dong Master said to us, his friends Mr. Niu love lottery, has its own accurate judgment in many key events, Dong webmaster had hired him for his "resident expert", "you see the ball well, conversation and humor, many people are willing to shop and Stella ingratiate themselves." Said Dong webmaster to us: several awards are the reference lottery betting cow advice before hitting the jackpot! "My role is very small," Dong webmaster joked. Dong Master said, he in each sale, will notice to the lottery lottery love shop micro channel, and asked whether they intend to participate in this period to buy. We intend to buy the lottery he then according to their own understanding of the lottery, they know each other, to form their own group to buy lottery, as a "reasonable person", to provide them with agreement to buy what the lottery is also very trust him, often bought lottery ticket on him for safekeeping. The lottery is a technology live, our intelligence force + capital force lottery mode, I feel very practical! Our store in the 1 million 690 thousand prize is a few people out of the force." In so many awards, is not in the 5 million prize." Dong master, said: "this is a pity, but also our station lottery this year a small goal, hope this year can come true!" (Ge Yunwei)相关的主题文章: