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The midwife gives birth to the child, the choice is split or smooth? Sohu – now a lot of people in the maternal, maternal child, debate is split or a good birth, is the public that the public reasonable, rational Po Po said, do not give. Although in our hospital, strictly control the indications for cesarean section, but there are still a lot of people think, sharpening old head, cesarean section. When we are discouraged, some people say that you are not your midwife child of cesarean section, the implication is that the best production mode you choose yes. In fact, in our delivery room, as the daily deliveries for pregnant women midwives, their children, the first choice is certainly eutocia. In the natural production process, the fetus experienced in the production process, will make the fetus more physical activity, motor coordination, respiratory system and the central nervous system can well be stimulated by, so Qi is greater, stronger, at the mother own good is not used to say. Because of this, in the maternal health, fetal without exception, we midwives in children, will choose a birth, including me. Remember, your children very well, because at the time of delivery time is longer, some point after the oxytocin, oxytocin, stomach pain up soon, then I know fast until the critical moment, most women, when it hurts, do not want to eat, but I know this the old midwife, and most important to have a good physical strength, adhere to the exquisite meals husband send up. Then, peace of mind to wait for the final contractions started. The first is the interval between 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and then not long, interval time shorter, 1 minutes and 40 seconds, lying in bed, I endured the pain, according to the calculation method, usually for pregnant women do calculations, that is to calculate the duration from the beginning of the highest point of pain. Increased the frequency of pain, that giving birth soon, my colleague stopped oxytocin, began to check the palace mouth, 2CM, in order to avoid the pain, I do painless childbirth, and after half an hour, then check the palace mouth colleagues, has 7 cm, tell me, can enter the delivery room. I stick to my own out of bed, and the pain to the toilet space vacated to urinate, after chanchuang, is simple, how do I own maternal requirements, how to make the effort, the hard, the rest. After half an hour of hard work, finally, the midwife is my colleague Zheng Jie, said: "see the head, so that the effort, out of the." At that time, I did not believe, because, usually, we do "cheat" mothers, let them confidence, but this time, Zheng Jie did not lie to me, when I try again in 123, the little guy came out, then the pain felt pelvis was opened, but not for long feel the pull, shoulder, shoulder shoulder before the pull, pull the whole body again, one empty, with the rushing of warm amniotic fluid, the kind of comfortable feeling with the baby hitherto unknown, crying, feel at this moment is the happiest moment in life. Starting at 9 in the evening.相关的主题文章: