The mission of friendship with the choice between sparrow Man Battle triggered at any moment – Sohu

The mission of friendship with the choice between "sparrow" Man Battle – Chen deep entertainment Sohu triggered at any moment (played by Li Yifeng) and Bi Zhongliang (played by Zhang Luyi) Chen Shen (played by Li Yifeng) and the Tangshan sea (played by Zhang Ruoyun) Sohu entertainment Spy Drama "sparrow" film continues today, even exposed two man play video trailers, Li Yifeng, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun interpretation between the three men frenemy struggle, sparks, climax.     a cutting head for the neck of the brotherhood between Li Yifeng played by Chen Shen and Zhang Luyi as Bi Zhongliang, former battlefield Chen deep saved Bi Zhongliang’s life, and the way Bi Zhongliang help protect Chen deep faith, however different they are doomed will start the brutal battle of life and death, although the wine, but many had pulled out a gun, the snare game between the brothers and cruel reality. But Chen deep and Zhang Ruoyun plays Tang Shanhai each belong to different camps, but have the same mission, the two men are also friends, rivals, and rival. Trailers, two people Freemasonry heart the same woman, tangled in the heart secretly contest; one country, they have the tacit understanding, bloody forward.     how deep is the trust and understanding between brothers? Step by step and to what extent? The man at a crucial moment magnitude contest is slowly opened, the gun was loaded, triggered at any moment. September 5th Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only "sparrow" launched, please look forward to.相关的主题文章: