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Kazakhstan desert line: the most beautiful railway line – Autumn tourism Sohu ha line refers to the Harbin desert to Mohe County railway line, the railway line across the whole of Heilongjiang Province, the vast expanse of the Beidacang [way] shortage, beautiful Greater Khingan Range, finally arrived at the northernmost geographic China — Mohe County county. This route is only two per day shift trains (K7039 and K7041), from Harbin to Mohe County in about 22 hours, across the sunrise and sunset, every season North beauty in this scenery line are showing a different beauty. Of course I love most is Kazakhstan desert line autumn autumn, rich color gradually spread in the road to the north of the trip, the temperature dropped from more than and 10 degrees from Harbin to Mohe County is 5 degrees below zero, from autumn into winter. On holidays, this route is difficult to berth reservation, I only made a hard seat, hard seat of the night is a torment, broken sleep, finally will boil clockwise at 4 in the morning, holding the cup to each car to walk, the passenger compartment or the silence in my sleep reel right and left in, or just staring out the window, or playing with their own electronic products…… After a few carriages, and finally found a train of almost no one, 4 seats and the whole table will constitute my private territory. Train Bang rip Bang rip forward at the dawn of the night, the darkness with the passage of time gradually become blurred, deep blue afar slowly open a big hole, the vast expanse of the dark was the dark yellow edge into the heavens and the earth, the train is still in slow march also, the edge gradually grow wider, color from yellow to red gradually like excessive…… Soon the whole world will be presented in this lonesome black soil, Chaoyang warm and sweet, like a baby in the morning sleep alone in the sky is clear, the boundless sea, the cloud in the sky is the sea waves splashing. An empty compartment, a closed world, quietly began to entertain a day. Sometimes listen to music, and enjoy the scenery in the north, sometimes lie down to rest, and raised the camera kuangpai, and took out the book to write something, to the point of the meal from the pack pulls out some food to kill. Beidacang after harvest, after the northern town quiet smoke; through Greater Khingan Range’s vast, marveled at the colors of autumn…… Is such a person quietly, in a strange on the train to a new destination, it is a long time alone fun. The vast and desolate northern people obsessed, wild geese flying south line to the southern group, and I chose the north, tired, they rest on the wire or the trunk of the tree, and they are all in my travel. The temperature is gradually decreased with the northward advance, arrived at Tahe Railway Station when the sky floating snow, cold in the car through the door quickly, the refreshing slightly cold people相关的主题文章: