The new air force China 15 15 Sam in triumph after review-masa-c

The new air force China 15 15 Sam in triumph after review of Hebei earth with such a force, 365 days a year, they combat duty, conscientious; always protect the motherland blue, unknown to the public; they have a glorious tradition of the troops in a camp in October 5, 1987 had shot down in Vietnam MIG -21P electronic reconnaissance aircraft, was the air force awarded the "Shenwei missile battalion" honorary title. It is reported that the group has 15 to 15 in the history of the best results in just the end of the task, more is to reach the first army surface to air missile weapon system ", the first is the first victory in the first battle with the goal, the group played the" Shenwei newly introduced "Xiongfeng domineering, show the" iron fist, ACE crack an "excellent quality. Once again proved to be a "can fight, win the war hero team, is a" every enemy sword, daring to fight and win the victory of the division, the group created the history of the "100% hit" record. However, the triumph of the opening of their "celebration", but not "reflection will". In the morning of November 18th, the review will reflect the scene, group member first to make reflection: "force position setting is not reasonable enough, failed to play the greatest effectiveness of weapon; training time is unreasonable, No. two class technical level is weak……" Subsequently, the officers and soldiers on behalf of the positions, in charge of the leadership and the relevant person in charge of the stage review review. The meeting, on 8 types of problems, made 36 specific measures for implementation, provide data support and reference for future tasks to prepare, especially for the reflection of marching and fighting, security, political work, pointed out the problem of "needle see blood", "all feasible measures". The commissar Xu Zhiqiang stressed that "the will of the achievements and problems separately, not because of excellent results while ignoring their own short board weaknesses. Results do not speak, there, we can see, if the problem does not speak, there will be hidden dangers." "Reflection" in the spirit of the group quickly spread, the soldiers insist on the eyes inward, giving top priority to their spontaneous summary, put a table, the measure standards set, the work is done carefully, really take the "garrison capital, forging iron fist thick heavy Ren, with a more intense sense of mission and more high spirited, more pragmatic style of work, and actively join in the great practice of" iron fist ace teacher "construction and reform of the army. Combat effectiveness of the upgrade, from countless times to find the problem, to solve the problem, and the force is relying on the accumulation of this, in the actual combat on the road step by step. As the head of Wang Haiyang said: "the results can be cleared and the problem can not be cleared, a reflection, is to identify the problem, sum up experience, detailed measures, not because of the achievements made and neglected to enhance the combat effectiveness of the mind, our path and the army……" (Ma Yansong Xu Peng)相关的主题文章: