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The new board bitter sweet new board is not suitable for private cash after landing three new board is not suitable for cash. The new third market are facing institutional investors, are fine, is smarter than you, by telling the story of flicker of money, is not possible in a town in Suzhou Wujiang, hiding an unassuming enterprise called Suzhou Na metal products Limited by Share Ltd (831166, hereinafter referred to as "Na shares"), is not known in the China market, but the outdoor furniture in Rolls-Royce "here produced, sold in Europe and high-end market. Na shares chairman Qin Jian, for the love of outdoor sports, tanned skin black, because the products have been exported abroad, speak fluent English. Qin Yu to capture the ups and downs of the Chinese economy changes, so the land to become one of the first shares of the National SME share transfer system (ie, the new three board market), one of the enterprises. Data show that as of September 2nd this year, the number of new board listed nearly 9000. According to the Oriental Wealth Choice data, as of August 21st this year, Suzhou has been satisfied to where the shares of 373 companies landed three new board, followed by Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, ranked first in all second tier city. In the popular wave of entrepreneurship, highly innovative, three new board as an important part of the multi-level capital market in China, its rapid development has become a remarkable phenomenon in the economic field. As one of the first batch of landing three new board of enterprises, to the land of the two shares how? On the "First Financial Daily reporters about the listing process after three new board, Qin Jian has a stomach and the glory and the dream of sour, sweet, bitter, hot. The cost of standardization has been a bit heavy for more than 20 years has been the manufacture of aluminum outdoor furniture. From the start for the North American top outdoor furniture brands, to the independent research and development design, has now entered the outdoor furniture market high-end outdoor furniture manufacturers of aluminum top three in china. After all the products are especially for overseas sales in North America, September 2014 after landing three new board seek growth, the need to open the Chinese market, just take the first Chinese trademark "Koko" (Cococasual), began the layout of the domestic sales. In the land of the shares, from the aluminum plate to a finished chair, about 81 processes, only hand polished this piece, there are 5 processes. Its products are exquisite and complex, the price is high, becoming a number of international top outdoor furniture brand suppliers. In the face of the grim situation of the manufacturing industry, the product is still more than 20% of the gross margin, it can be regarded as a return to the spirit of the craftsman. The company’s annual report in 2015 showed that operating income was 60 million 569 thousand and 800 yuan, an increase of over the same period last year (), net profit of $4 million 417 thousand and 100, an increase of 28.36%. After listed on the new board, Qin Jian’s work and life have a lot of changes, I recognized in the achievements, there are a lot of grievances. "The greatest feeling is the responsibility and obligation of the rights asymmetry, pay a lot, but the income is not proportional." Qin Jian told reporters a "standardized account" — on相关的主题文章: