The new Opel British speed sub forecast map released or for Regal prototype car Sohu-rewrite攻略�

The new Opel British speed sub forecast map released or for Regal prototype – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before Opel officially released a new British speed sub forecast map, the new car will be opened on March 2017 at the Geneva auto show officially released at the same time, this model in the future Sino US market will become a new generation of labeling Buick Regal, in the Australian market will also label Horton, in the UK label Waxman hall. Through the forecast map we can see that the new British Suya the matrix of new LED headlight group design, the official said this is the second generation of matrix type LED lighting system Opel development, consisting of 32 LED light irradiation distance will reach 400 meters. In addition a new grille design is also suspected of flying wing chrome trim, front bumper on both sides is also very movement modeling. According to previous exposure of the spy photos, the new British speed sub will provide at least three different body types, including three car Version (Sedan), hatchback (Grand Sport) and Travel Edition (Tourer), the travel version of the trunk space will reach 540L, the rear seats recline space can reach 1530L. As a new British speed sub sister car, the new Buick Regal is also expected to launch the three car version and a version of the two body type. Power, expected the new English version will be launched with the travel speed of four cylinder gasoline or diesel engine version in Europe, at the same time as the performance of English version, speed sub OPC is expected to be equipped with a new six cylinder engine.相关的主题文章: