The new round of the central government and other provinces began to inspect Chongqing and Chongqing

The new round of the central government and other provinces began to inspect the four provinces were turned back to see the end of a round of central inspection feedback soon, a new round of inspections and open. The central inspection team will be stationed in the "high" Chinese, Red Cross and other 27 units of the party organization to carry out special inspections at the same time, to Beijing, Chongqing, Guangxi, Gansu and other 4 provinces to look back". Inspection teams will be stationed in the "high", the Red Cross is the eighteen round of inspections central eleventh round of inspections, the central inspection is in the six plenary session of the "re start". According to the official news, this round of inspections will inspect the 27 party organization to carry out special units, including the Supreme People’s court, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Central Party school, the Central Literature Research Center, the Central Compilation and Translation Bureau, China foreign office, Guangming Daily, China daily, economic daily, China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong, Jinggangshan Institute of Yanan, China China China Cadre Institute, Academy of engineering, the State Council Development Research Center, National School of Administration, National Natural Science Foundation of China Academy of Engineering Physics, Chinese, Central People’s broadcasting station, CCTV, Chinese Writers Association, China Federation of returned overseas, China law, China Journalists’ Association, China Federation of Taiwan compatriots, Chinese disabled China, Red Cross, Chinese Song Qingling Foundation Such as. It can be seen that the current round of inspections is the "high" judicial units, there are institutions in many fields. For the current round of inspections, 2 inspections will be held to mobilize the deployment of an important task of political inspections, is to resolutely safeguard the party’s leadership and the party’s central authority. To strengthen the "Four Consciousness", a firm political direction, improve the political stance, find political bias, focusing on the leadership of the party, the party’s construction, comprehensive strictly, honest honest construction and anti-corruption struggle. The meeting stressed that comprehensive strictly from the political life of the party strictly, strengthen the supervision and inspection by visiting the party organization, the party’s political life and political discipline and political rules of the implementation. The eighteen session of the eleventh round of the central inspections mobilization meeting in Beijing, Chongqing and other four were "looking back" in February this year, the eighteen after the central inspection for the first time on a "look back", Liaoning, Anhui, Shandong, Hunan, Tianjin, Hubei, Henan, Jiangxi and other 8 provinces to be included in the tour, "huimaqiang much media attention. The current round of inspections, the central inspection of Beijing, Chongqing, Guangxi, then Gansu and other 4 places to look back". The 4 provinces in Chongqing, from May 2013 to July to accept the eighteen after the first round of inspections; Beijing and Gansu appeared in the eighteen session of the Central Committee of the third round of inspections, the inspection time is from March 2014 to May; from July 2014 to September in Guangxi had accepted the eighteen session of the fourth round of visits to the central. The 2 day of the inspections mobilization will be pointed out, "look back" is the re inspection and supervision within the party, will highlight the quality of the Party Central Committee tenacious tenacity. In the next two years, the central government and the provinces, municipalities and districts will carry out the work of the general assembly, which is related to the future of the party and the state. To strictly reflect the comprehensive selection of good people.相关的主题文章: