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The old father to buy health care products 8000 yuan owed the daughter of a new network physical store – smashed in the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Li Bing Li Xinran) in the first half of the continuous purchase health care products, even thousands of yuan fee owed physiotherapy shop. In the face of such a situation, the old man’s daughter was angry, impulsively came to the physiotherapy shop, to discuss". This year, more than and 70 year old Uncle Lee, six months ago to do physical therapy, in order to regulate their body. Physical therapy in the vicinity of the store to do physical therapy at the same time, Uncle Lee is also often recommended to buy some health care products store. Just six months time, the old man from the store to buy more than 3 yuan of health care products, because the hand is not very well-off, still owes more than $8000 store. These circumstances, not long ago, Lee uncle’s daughter know. In this regard, Ms. Lee is very angry, the health care products are useless, and can not cure the disease, so much to buy what to do?" Angrily, Ms. Lee in the past day to physical therapy theory and the store, the store staff, wish you don’t give her father to sell health care products. But for Ms. Lee, the clerk did not care, said the health care products are voluntary purchase of customers, they can not manage. Emotional excitement of Ms. Lee, and then began to hit the shop put items, in the face of the clerk’s blocking, impulsive, she even moved to the other hand. Soon, the nearby masses dialed 110 alarm. Three west police station police on duty Zhang Yonghui and Shi Xiangfeng after the alarm, rushed to the physical store is located in the new stone road in the capital. Police saw the store has been made a mess of Ms. Lee, the house littered with a variety of items and equipment scattered. There is an industrial and commercial business license in the shop, which can be sold as food. At this point, Ms. Lee has gradually calmed down. In the face of the scene is a mess, Ms. Li said she is willing to bear all the loss of physical store, "I don’t want to buy the so-called father of health care products." Subsequently, Ms. Lee will be brought to the police father home, placed in the home to a variety of health care products, again crying their grievances. In the face of Uncle Lee, Lee said to move back to live, to watch his father, but the old man does not appreciate. See Ms. Lee’s emotional excitement again, the police will then father and daughter back to the jurisdiction of the police station for further investigation and mediation two. In response to this, the police reminded Zhang Yonghui, the elderly are not wrong about health care, young people should understand, more responsible to help their elders to buy health care products scientifically and rationally. At the same time, as a child, often go home to see more communication with the elderly, the elderly should be more patient, do not angry quarrel, so as not to make drastic moves.相关的主题文章: