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The old women’s civil strife: Elizabeth Ma Xiaoxu has cited outrage in the whirlpool – Sports Sohu Beijing time on February 21st, the women’s goalkeeper Wang Fei in the micro-blog shelling coach Bruno and announced his retirement, although she subsequently deleted the micro-blog, but still reflects the current women’s array of unstable factors. Looking back on the history of Chinese women’s football, there have been a variety of civil strife events, which has seriously affected the fighting ability of the team. I hope to live a stable Chinese women to avoid repeating the mistakes of the past their morale. 2007 Women’s World Cup, the Chinese team into the quarterfinals, remarkable performance. But Ma Xiaoxu, who has been given high hopes, failed to score a goal, which made people disappointed. It was widely known that the Chinese women’s football team will punish a poor performance of the main players, some people guess whether it is Ma Xiaoxu, but Ma Xiaoxu denied this. Several old players in the team also expressed concern about the unity within the team, alluding to Ma Xiaoxu: "to know that the team is not a person, a person famous, the team can not, what do you think?" So I want to warn young players, must be based on the whole, with the team as the force, no team, there is no individual." In 2008, when Elizabeth served as the Chinese women’s football coach, he had already been in hot water with the Chinese coach. In March, the Chinese team leader Zhang Jianqiang and two translation officials resigned. The Algarve cup, Chinese Football Association vice chairman Yang Yimin as the leader position, Zhang Jianqiang is become "executive adjustment leader", this is also seen as a football pingluan move. It was less than half a year from the Beijing Olympic Games, which had a bad effect on the preparations for the Chinese women’s football team. When the China women’s football team in the Algarve cup poor record on the occasion, as coach Elizabeth is questioned by the players. The reason for Elizabeth’s defeat was attributed to the poor performance of players and the lack of tactical execution. It was also caused by the dissatisfaction of the players. Chinese women’s football team was also divided into "Yi" and "inverted Iraq" factions, and the combat effectiveness was greatly affected. Chinese women’s football goalkeeper Wang Fei missed the women’s Olympic preliminaries, which also made her very dissatisfied. This morning, Wang Fei has sent 2 consecutive micro-blog, the team coach Bruno questioned. According to the Sohu sports reporter, Wang Fei missed the Olympic preliminaries, because with the women’s football coach Bruno on the problem of Liuyang, training and competition state etc. due to irreconcilable contradictions. And Wang Fei’s many micro-blog also confirms this situation. (Ariel)

女足内乱旧事:伊丽莎白引众怒 马晓旭曾陷漩涡-搜狐体育  北京时间2月21日,女足门将王飞在微博炮轰主帅布鲁诺并宣布退役,虽然她随后删除了这条微博,但却依然反映出目前女足阵中的不稳定因素。回首中国女足历史,也曾发生过种种的内乱事件,这也严重影响到了球队的战斗力。希望中国女足能够稳定住军心,避免重蹈昔日覆辙。   2007年女足世界杯,中国队闯入八强表现可圈可点。但被人寄予厚望的马晓旭却一球不进,让人颇感失望。当时外界盛传中国女足将要处罚一名表现不佳的主力球员,便有人猜测是否是马晓旭,不过马晓旭对此予以否认。队中几位老队员也对球队内部的团结表示堪忧,矛头暗指马晓旭:“要知道球队不是一个人的,一个人成名了,球队不行你算什么?所以我要告诫年轻队员,必须以整体为基础,以团队为力量,没有团队就没有个人。”   2008年,伊丽莎白担任中国女足主帅之时,便已经同中方教练势头水火,3月份时曾曝出中方领队张健强和两位翻译官集体辞职的消息。阿尔加夫杯后,中国足协副主席杨一民担任领队职务,张健强则被调整成为“执行领队”,这也看做是足协的平乱举动。那时距离北京奥运会只有不到半年的时间,这也对中国女足的备战造成不良的影响。   当中国女足在阿尔加夫杯上战绩不佳之际,作为主帅的伊丽莎白更是遭到了队员们的广泛质疑。伊丽莎白将惨败的原因,归结为球员的发挥不佳和缺乏战术执行力,更是引起球员的不满,中国女足也被分裂成为“挺伊”和“倒伊”两派,战斗力受到极大的影响。   中国女足门将王飞无缘女足奥预赛,这也令她颇为不满。今天凌晨,王飞曾连续发送2条微博,对球队主帅布鲁诺展开质疑。据搜狐体育记者了解,王飞此次无缘奥预赛,是因为与女足主帅布鲁诺就留洋、训练、比赛状态等问题产生了不可调和的矛盾。而王飞的多条微博也印证了这一情况。(Ariel)相关的主题文章: