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The original comedy variety   to avoid routine A new force suddenly rises.; innovation is the way – the media – original title: original comedy variety: the only way to avoid routine, in recent years, with the "The Legendary Swordsman", "joy" and other comedy comedy variety in the ratings and reputation gains remarkable record, comedy shows A new force suddenly rises. in competition the fierce TV map, each TV will have eyes on this field, star, amateur, cross, all kinds of comedy show broadcast time was also emerge in an endless stream, get together the potential. In a suit, how to get rid of the original China comedy show "routine", in the fierce competition to blaze a new trail? Held yesterday in the "comic creative force" seminar, vice president Wang Rugang China Artists Association, famous host Jiang Changjian, associate professor of Fudan University, Shanghai Theater Academy professor Wu Baohe and other industry insiders, and "The Legendary Swordsman" director Zhu Hui, "happy people" drama director Shi Jianing, to share some thoughts about the development of comedy the. Comedy show difficult Chinese audience laugh point big eyes back to three years ago. When the screen has just experienced a wave of comedy show "Battle Royale", the focus of all the people in the singing reality show, not in this round of the competition advantage of the Oriental TV only "Zoupian Jian Feng", the sights were not optimistic about comedy again. Despite the production of oil! Good man "," China’s Got Talent "and other files in the human reality show, but Zhu Hui involved in the" The Legendary Swordsman ", little comedy show known," I do not know where to find comedy talent; do not know these people standing on the stage, can let the audience laugh; but do not know after the show, their comedy road can go far". Zhu Hui is not only one of the instructors of the original Song Dandan is not optimistic about this program. The first season of "The Legendary Swordsman" to record the scene, Song Dandan Zhu Hui said that the first sentence is, "I am an impulse to come, this record will not come, you’ll find someone else". But she finished section, "change", "the show is quite interesting, or we look around". This walk, went to the third quarter. At the same time as the recording of the dilemma, as well as the "happy comedy". Let the king seen king of comedy big coffee with PK, this idea sounds a little crazy. What’s more, weekly have to produce a "new material", it is more than every year on the Spring Festival Gala impossible task. General director Shi Jianing said, "the first season of" happy comedy "no advertisers, we almost want to give up. At that time advertisers do not look good, we do not believe that the Chinese original model can be successful. But in the end, we decided to blog". An indoor comedy show can keep the ratings and reputation in the outdoor reality show tide coerced to go in at the same time show the forefront, is not easy. For "The Legendary Swordsman" and "joy" comic creative team, in addition to Sike in program production, adhere to their own concept of comedy is particularly important. "Cultural differences between the north and the south, the values of men and women are different, the level of Education相关的主题文章: