The original popular super 2 billion! Xu Jinglei’s first foray into the superhero film under

The original popular super 2 billion! Xu Jinglei’s first foray into the superhero movie "under one person" "under one person" movie will be the first class power Tencent anime comic adaptation of the real film Tencent, for the pan Entertainment Animation IP business for a long time, from the "brave adventure" the end of the tour and the novel, to the "trump card" of imperial history reality show. Tencent animation can be seen in the two dimensional market has many excellent IP works. Comic "under one person" formerly known as "a", the author of two meters from the comic hall compilation, since the beginning of February 2015 in the Tencent exclusive animation series, with a unique view of the world and set a wonderful story, quickly in the animation Tencent accumulated more than 2 billion reading popularity, click on more than 20 million day, more than the Japanese cartoon "One Piece" nearly doubled, super country man IP currently ranked first in popularity! "A man" combines ultra ability, mystery and fantasy elements, shaping a congregation of the charm of the role in shaping the spirit in power comics, sent five soul, such as Lu Ming Babel highly ornamental, and eight odd technical, Jia Shen chaos, thirty-six of these four thieves, insolent the concept is to let the whole story is very cool! Animation with the same name in July of this year in China, Japan and the simultaneous broadcast, is China’s second boarded the Japanese television’s domestic animation, and Xu Jinglei served as a consultant in the animation. Xu Jinglei graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, is a famous actor, director, producer, producer, a rooster, a flower, a table with trophies as an actor Xu, shows her popularity and strength. Whether it is the "Hua Ding Award" public review class awards or college Film Festival special age class film awards, were her income. As a director, he was awarded the best director award at the San Sebastian International Film festival. Representative works include "love will be carried out in the end" "a letter from an unknown woman" and "my father", "Du Lala promotion" "there is only one place we know" in 2010, she directed the film "Du Lala promotion" for Chinese, one hundred million at the box office, becoming the first mainland box office breaking 100 million female director, three commercial films from Xu continuous billions of dollars of personal brand commercial value, stable solid. Xu has since become famous since people describe her light as chrysanthemum, Fang Ya orchid, is the minds of many talented idol. In early July this year, Xu micro-blog low-key said, being prepared by the same name comic book movie "under one person", is currently in the stage of grinding the script. On the first live action movie animation Tencent, Penguin Niang interviewed Xu Xu Niang: Penguin: teacher Hello, everyone knows you before the film is mostly "dream into reality as the" Du Lala "promotion" "there is only one place we know as" reality theme of the movie, how will this choice take "under one person" this cartoon works? Xu: I actually nearly 7, 8 years to see very love super hero, super power class movies, and TV, from the creation of the film itself, also want to do something different this year and once, just do a gangster action movie "kidnapping", as a new type of try. Read the "one person under the" comic, I think it’s the public.相关的主题文章: