The postal savings bank storage rural finance division to build a new agricultural service system in 9c8921

The postal savings bank storage rural finance division to build service system for agriculture – Beijing, Beijing, September 9, 8 days, the inaugural meeting of the postal savings bank Chinese rural finance division held in Beijing. Deputy director, deputy director of the central financial work leading group office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office Han Jun, Deputy Minister of finance Liu Kun, deputy governor of the people’s Bank of China, director of the State Administration of foreign exchange Pan Gongsheng, deputy director of the State Administration of Taxation Sun Ruibiao China, CBRC vice chairman Wang Zhaoxing, the Ministry of agriculture chief agronomist Sun Zhonghua, chairman Li Guohua and other leaders China related the postal savings bank attended the meeting. The "three rural" issues related to strong, a well-off society is fully completed, to achieve about two hundred years goal and the great Chinese dream. The central document has 13 consecutive times to focus on the "three rural" 11 times to the postal savings and postal savings banks put forward clear requirements. This year the central document ("on the implementation of the development of new ideas to speed up the agricultural modernization goal to achieve a comprehensive well-off opinions") made it clear that "support China the postal savings bank to establish a rural finance division, build professional service system for agriculture". The postal savings bank of the central document in accordance with the requirements, to further promote the reform of rural finance division. In the office, the Ministry of finance, people’s Bank, the CBRC’s concern and guidance, the postal savings bank through in-depth research and repeated demonstration, formed in the original rural financial reform based on the rural finance division scheme to obtain the approval of the cbrc. According to reports, the postal savings bank rural finance division headquarters will set up a "five four center", which consists of microfinance Department (poverty alleviation business) and 5 professional departments of agricultural industrialization, rural policy and innovation project department, Department, Department of credit management; at the head office in the background to set up agriculture risk management center agriculture, rural financial management of assets and liabilities management center, rural human resources management center 4 center. At the same time, the departments at all levels of the three rural financial institutions correspond with the headquarters, forming a specialized service system covering all levels of banks. Postal Savings Bank of China rural finance division after the establishment of the division in Inner Mongolia, Jilin, the pilot reform of Anhui, Henan, Guangdong branch of the first batch of pilot branch started, and gradually spread across the country. At the meeting, deputy director, deputy director of the central financial work leading group office of the Central Rural Work Leading Group Office of Han Jun "service of the postal savings bank statement in rural affirmed the achievements. He said, the postal savings bank since its inception, adhere to the strategic positioning services, community services for small and medium-sized enterprises, "three rural", actively implement the strategic deployment of the CPC Central Committee and State Council "three rural", to the "three rural" positive innovation of financial products and services, rooted in rural areas, agriculture and farmers close to the service, and strive to open up rural financial services last mile, out of a distinctive rural Inclusive Finance Development road. He hoped that the postal savings bank to set up rural finance division as an important opportunity, related work and deployment of in-depth implementation of the central document of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and the requirements of the "three rural" work, should actively take financial support and financial responsibility to focus on poverty alleviation, good agricultural services.相关的主题文章: