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"The word: rediscovery of" Oriental Aesthetics painting exhibition held by Yanwu Gallery sponsored "words — oriental aesthetics to find" Ink Exhibition upcoming November 5th present. "Discovery" poster exhibition "said bluntly words — the oriental aesthetics, it is difficult to talk with japanese." This is the "Shuowen" in the "word" to explain. When Chinese first dictionary "Yi" in "Ya", also point to close to the "elegant", intent to establish standard for traditional Chinese wenci. "Language" points to the re exploration of Chinese tradition and the rediscovery of Oriental aesthetics. The gallery Yanwu sponsored "– words of oriental aesthetics to find" Ink Exhibition upcoming November 5th proudly presents. The exhibition curator invited by Zhu Xiaojun, Cheng Baozhong, Jia Kuan, Li Baiming, Gao Qian, Li Na, Li Zhen, Wei Jiujie, Qin Ai, Xu Hualing, Xu Lei, Xie Tianzhuo, Yang Dongying, Yuan Minglin, Ceng Jianyong, Ceng Zhiqin, Zhu Xiaokun, Zhu Zhengming 17 young contemporary artists (in alphabetical order, new order) to meticulous and new ink through research and display of contemporary representative, trying to find alternative China traditional context of artistic creation, and found in the development and regeneration of Oriental Aesthetics of contemporary. The exhibition consists of two parts: "no words" and "holding lunch". The so-called "taolibuyan xiazichengqi," in fact, can be used as a kind of artistic attitude — artists do not have a metaphor, honest nature, the work itself will be the expression of speech, can be respected; and essence of "holding afternoon" is stressed to maintain a calm state of mind to face all. "No words" + "to noon", intended to express the viewer only see works, artists will be able to read "you mind silent poem". The mention of the value is that the curator Zhu Xiaojun will Ming and Qing furniture, high ancient stone carvings and other elements of ancient Chinese elements into it, trying to connect a series of Oriental Aesthetics from ancient clues. This part of the ancient beauty works by Beijing Dabao Mr. Tang Ding ting to help and support. In the China traditional artistic concept, has a rich aesthetic theory, this exhibition borrows the "words", the traditional development for modern humanistic value: "to see the empty pop, pop see empty", which is composed of Chinese life sentiments and art reality — from the "Introduction" of care, a "Oriental Aesthetics" in the world, our national mining deep source of beauty, that artist’s freedom, the most abundant "heart of self", see the author profile but the mind, all the complacent view. The theme of this exhibition is "language", which also shows the unique views of the art of contemporary art, and shows a new attitude in the field of contemporary art. The exhibition will last until December 31st. Some works of Zeng: "Huaiyuan" 130x96cm paper colors 2015 Ceng Zhiqin "banned" 49x69cm 2016 "color on silk Baozhong ancient" 116× 59.5cm paper colors 2016 "love" of a high Dorothy 27cm diameter 2016 "wide color on silk Jia brother" I drink your small world 34&ti floor相关的主题文章: