The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued September statistics on options trading volume fell nearly 30%-luonv

The Shanghai Stock Exchange issued in September the volume of statistical data on the stock market fell nearly 30% Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Original title: the Shanghai Stock Exchange issued the September option statistics chain volume fell nearly 30% times (October 14th) securities China securities news according to network news, the Shanghai Stock Exchange recently released the September stock option monthly statistics. Data show that along with the volume and price of the spot market fell, the viability of the options market has cooled. September cumulative turnover of 5 million 922 thousand and 600, the chain fell by 27.72%. Data show that in September, the Shanghai 50ETF options market is generally stable, more reasonable pricing, effective risk control measures. In September, the options market cumulative volume 15 million 922 thousand and 600, reduced by 27.72% compared with the previous month; average daily volume of 296 thousand and 100, reduced by 16.87% compared with the previous month; September 12th turnover reached 592513, the highest turnover for the month. Royalties daily turnover of 154 million yuan, down 19.37% compared with last month; the average daily turnover of the nominal value of 6 billion 671 million yuan, down 16.40% compared with last month; the average number of outstanding contracts in 1 million 282 thousand and 500, compared with growth of 21.28% last month. At the end of September, investors account for a total of 165399 households (the total number of brokerage customers account for 165246 households). In September the number of brokerage accounts increased by 11277. At present, 84 securities companies, has 17 Futures Company opened stock options brokerage trading privileges, 59 securities companies opened stock options proprietary trading rights, 10 securities companies as the main 50ETF options market maker, 3 securities companies 50ETF options market maker. The securities brokerage business turnover rankings, Warburg securities, Huatai Securities and Haitong Securities ranked the top three. Among them, Warburg securities to 10.7% of the monthly market share and the cumulative volume market share accounted for the top. Huatai Securities followed, the market share of 9.8%, Haitong Securities, the market share of the month and the cumulative turnover of the share was 6.1%, respectively, of 5.4%. The number of customers in the securities brokerage business market share, galaxy, merchants and Changjiang Securities has the largest number of options customers. Among them, the Galaxy Securities new customer market share of 18.3%, the total market share of the year was $6.7%. (Securities Times Online News Center) [shares] into Sina Finance discussion相关的主题文章: