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"The snow queen" exposure character posters – Sohu entertainment "unyielding whistling struck Snow Queen" poster produced by Sohu entertainment news media, golden cat, the famous director Yang Yang’s legendary epic "Snow Queen" today unveiled the exposure character poster. The snow diffuse background, Dylan Kuo, Geiza, Qiao Renliang, Andy On, Collin Chou, Wah Yuen, Yin Zhusheng, Winnie, eight men armed with weapons domineering exposed, grand, vast, magnificent epic temperament ran out. Super quality: posters profound quality conscience drama "Snow Queen" tells the story in Manchuria in the period of the north, a girl a life and death struggle with the enemy in time and the chains of fate, the name of the "Manchuria finaltransformation earthquake snow queen". Guoqiuguhen, immersed in love, justice and conspiracy war triggered at any moment. The production team series poly Ultra Luxury cast and the top of the building, only to taste texture, showing the most perfect effect, brilliant burst table, looked forward to. From character posters can be seen in the snow mountain and filled the crisscross of cloud sky together in one type of majestic posture hit oppression. The stars or low order, or affection, or never seems to have a speech interpretation of the endless vicissitudes of life story, the grand legendary love hate is gaining momentum. Everyone in the hands of a bayonet, spears and bows and arrows and suggested a different character and fate. Super luxury: Idol strength love back to the TV series, movie coffee for burst of red idol drama actor Dylan Kuo, shooting "Snow Queen" is a challenge. He plays with the Gu snow fireflies love to kill 14 years, staged dumping the world of sadomasochism. The enemy, with treason infamy, humiliation of identity has become an important aspect of "the snow queen". Geiza played in the drama by time and fate of the fetters of the snow queen, from the girl to the resistance fighters in existence, hatred, humanity and love hard choices. Qiao Renliang joined the drama idol lineup to add color, as seemingly cynical, but faith Shen Leizhi, Gu Xueying love at first sight, she is willing to give their all, quite contemporary warm male temperament. The other Hongkong film familiar faces, Andy On, Collin Chou, Wah Yuen joined the drama is more bright, so much to shoot the TV movie coffee is the founding show precedent, enough to see the "Snow Queen" as the first to eat crab domestic drama sincerity and courage! It is precisely these three have a common feature: good action drama! When the power to send the movie coffee met with a gun fighting technique based action style "Snow Queen" will impact the different spark, provide exciting neat play feast for the audience. In addition, the play is more "Jiro" Jiro Wang friendship, the mysterious character is worth looking forward to! Super Investment: the top production team to build image style "Snow Queen" was awarded by "flying Award", "Golden Eagle Award" award for best director, screenplay and directed by Yang Yang. As the youngest ever national level judges and national level director, Yang Yang has an international perspective of the humanities and skilled art control ability, especially in a variety of topics in the excavation of human nature.相关的主题文章: