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The stars and Sheenah and Karen Mok’s firefighters fight song – Sohu   stars and entertainment; entertainment news this Friday evening the Sohu of Hunan satellite TV, "we have come to the" ten guests intimate contact with the Dalian firefighters, not only with the daily training, but also challenge the difficulty of high "100 m echelon attack exercises", and the stars the dinner with the firemen, talking about work and life, at the table Sheenah impromptu singing singer Karen Mok "against", also sing together, two people fight song let people feast. Ten guests for the day of the very hard work of firefighters, carefully prepared the party, spent a pleasant fire compound night. Sheenah sings "reverse war" and Karen Mok fight song "outside world" and opening chorus in the program, ten guests after the end of hard training to the cafeteria for dinner, we sit around a table to eat simple food is also very satisfied. Always love the lively atmosphere with the rhythm in Sheenah, after the meal also began to liven up, loves to sing and dance Madonna sang Jie brother songs "reverse war": "the battle for thousands of predater along the road, speeding, defend the world warrior." Nana with the appropriate lyrics to express their admiration for the fire fighters, full of fighting lyrics so that the scene was very warm and very burning. The opposite of Karen Mok also joined the ranks of the fight song, the song will be an opening amazing time, a song of "outside world" heart warming and sigh, other guests and firefighters joined the chorus, "the outside world is wonderful, the outside world is very helpless……" We sing emotionally, but also make people feel the fire is not easy. Gala muscle strong male "clip egg" stars a parody of the tricks in the evening party, the guests and the firemen playing games, singing, playing guitar, warm atmosphere. In the "egg clip" game, strong muscles assist guests with strong male firefighters fire equipment picks up the egg, the strength to be controlled very well in order to ensure that the egg is not minced, the audience was nervous and looking forward. The firemen owned programs and guests to show turns to play, full of surprises. By Sheenah, Joe Chen, Jiang Yiyan, Xi Mengyao’s "F4" group played the applause, hilarious songs "interpretation to accompany you to see the meteor shower" to Carina Lau fans sister; and Carina Lau, Angie Chiu and Xu Jiao combined popular version of "SHE", a "do not want to grow up" received a lot of applause; Karen Mok a fireman and cooperation "outside world", the guitar, sing Karen Mok, together for the first time is perfect. In the laughter, Gala successfully concluded. "We have come" this trip to the Dalian fire brigade, there are tears and laughter, feel their hard work, but also to bring them more happiness, ten guests and firefighters and how the story? Please pay attention to this Friday 20:20 Hunan satellite TV "we are coming".相关的主题文章: