The trend the Paris lottery at Manchester City and flat sit and hope to win marie digby

The trend: the Paris lottery at Manchester City and flat sit and hope to win the 16167 lottery consists of the Champions League and group phase to the fourth round, bile mainly from the need to actively grab the giants, they also have the strength of the dominant, strong desire, good results. In addition, many teams such as Barcelona Atletico, so before the game got plenty of points, qualifying the situation is optimistic, the fear of war is inadequate, such as check against the proposal. Naples had in the home court face soil super giants Bacsik upset to lose, let’s surprise, review the game, Naples dominated the game, fully suppress the Bacsik, but the bad defense, with opponents the opportunity to fight back, Bacsik full game playing only is the goal three times and scored three goals, that the field layout needs to be improved, is now in a strong defensive attack weak adjustment period. The side battles later, at the battle of the Naples that will fail lessons learned before, with more cautious attitude to deal with the enemy, but not easy to lose the ball, and the overall fighting capacity is stronger than Bacsik, promising revenge in the battle of revenge, and one can bo 0 single, single with draw. A Champions League group phase, Guardiola returned to the Camp Nou battles former club Barcelona, according to common sense, Guardiola Barcelona for all, should be more dominant, but in the end he went to Manchester City but suffered a defeat, partly because of its quasi strength lower than Barcelona, on the other hand is due to the player’s psychological maturity is not enough. It is difficult to stimulate potential in adversity, which leads to lose. However, the home court record is quite stable, good atmosphere, the disc also get great support, comprehensive view, the battle they should be at the Etihad stadium is unbeaten pattern, small Bo can draw big 31. other games: Atletico requires Lecce to see the high level, the Ma Jing team three games unbeaten, present product 9 points, ranking the first group, the promotion of the situation is very optimistic, even if the next three games are a draw, they can get the qualifying places, so the game is not very strong. And the new army Rostow three war only 1 points, if the game fails again, you can declare out early, with a strong grab momentum. The disk, "to the Lord let two ball half high water opening, according to the first round of war and other screenings of the disc can be compared, the disk is deep, also made hot suspect, is not conducive to the way out, it is necessary to add anti draw. The Lecce compared to last season, team and competitive state has declined, the overall record is mediocre, it is difficult to support Lane operations, in accordance with their current group phase three war three trend, there is no doubt that the focus of the club on the top of the Champions League, the team decided to high degree of attention, will not miss any opportunity to take. The Copenhagen league level is limited, positional warfare attack ability is insufficient, in the event of defensive back as the main play of Lecce, for the offensive oftangible real hard to create limited threat, can go.

足彩大势:巴黎客战防平 曼城坐和望赢   16167期足彩由欧冠赛事组成,小组赛来到了第四轮,胆材主要来自还需积极抢分的豪门,他们实力占优,又有很强的取分欲望,正路赛果居多。另外,多只强队,如马竞,巴萨等都在之前的比赛当中拿到了足够多的积分,出线形势乐观,恐战意有所不足,建议此类对阵多做复选。   那不勒斯此前坐镇主场面对土超劲旅贝西克爆冷输球,让人大感意外,回顾那场比赛,那不勒斯几乎掌控了比赛节奏,全面压制贝西克,但其糟糕的防线,跟 对手制造了反击的机会,贝西克全场比赛仅打正球门三次就攻入了三球,说明其中后场布置有待改进,目前正处在攻强守弱的调节期。此番换边再战以后,客战作战 的那不勒斯相信会吸取之前的失败教训,以比较谨慎的态度应敌,反而不容易丢球,加之其整体战斗力强于贝西克,很有希望在本仗一雪前耻,成功复仇,小单可博 单0,大单加防平局。   上个欧冠小组赛,瓜帅重回诺坎普再战老东家巴萨,按常理来说,瓜帅对于巴萨了如指掌,应该更占优势,但最终他带队的曼城却遭遇了大败,一方面是因为 其准实力低于巴萨,另一方面是因为球员的心理成熟不够,难以在逆境当中激发潜能,从而导致了输球。不过,其主场氛围良好,战绩相当稳定,盘赔方面也获得很 大支撑,综合来看,本仗他们在伊蒂哈德球场应该是不败格局,小单可博平局,大单走31.   其他场次:马竞需防平,莱切可看高   马竞小组前三场比赛保持全胜,目前积9分,排名小组第一,晋级形势十分乐观,就算后面的三场比赛都收获平局,他们也能获得出线名额,因此战意并不是 很强。而新军罗斯托三战仅积1分,倘若本场再败,就可宣告提前出局,具备很强的抢分势头。亚盘方面,初盘以主让两球半中高水开盘,根据首回合交战的盘能以 及其他场次的对比可知,盘面偏深,也造热嫌疑,不太利于正路打出,很有必要加防平局。   客队莱切相较于上赛季而言,阵容与竞技状态均有下滑,整体战绩也很平庸,难以支撑双线作战,依照目前他们小组赛三战三捷的走势来看,俱乐部的重心毫 无疑问放在欧冠上面,球队重视程度高,决定不会放过任何取分的良机。主队哥本哈根的联赛水平有限,阵地战进攻能力不足,在遭遇以防守反击为主要打法的莱切 时,攻势多为有形无实,难有造成有限的威胁,可走下盘。相关的主题文章: