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The "trump card" theme song of Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming with ACE Shen Tengqi concert theme song "funny" ACE ACE MV Andy Lau Huang Xiaoming Shen Tengsan Sanlitun combined Tencent entertainment directed by Jing Wong Andy Lau, starring Huang Xiaoming, Wong Cho Lam, Ouyang Nana, Xie Yilin, Hu, Junjie Mao, Wu Yue, Petrina Fung, starring Xu Dongdong, Zhao Yingjun, Qi Wei, Shen teng the special movie "trump card" will be released on October 1st with ACE comedy. Today, the film side officially launched the blockbuster by Andy Lau, Huang Xiaoming, Shen Teng portrait sing the theme song for the movie "MV". Theme song lyrics by Andy Lau himself, behind the concise lyrics contains inspirational connotation for the film graces many. The combination of Sanlitun Debut Movie "ace" funny ace is about embarrassed treasure (Andy Lau ornaments): ye Luo Jia Hao (Huang Xiaoming) joined forces in A dream (Wong Cho Lam ornaments), Luo Jia Xin (Ouyang Nana ornaments) under the help of the people and the world terrorist organization to snatch "God seed" adventure to save Indiana the story of the world. For this movie, Andy Lau not only dedicated to fighting in more open Jinsang personally sang the theme song "smile". For this song, Andy Lau very seriously, not only personally lyrics and produced singles, and invited Huang Xiaoming and Shen Teng to join the chorus. Last year, the national archives, starring Shen Teng phenomenon comedy "Sherlock worry" fame, and Shen Teng to pay tribute to Andy Lau "is" Tun Er overnight Huobian on both sides of the Changjiang River. Love this song very much Andy Lau had put it into a medley with Li Yuchun singing and interpretation of the divine comedy. Huang Xiaoming was at the party with a "Tun" singing. So, for three "Villages" together in a movie ace who hit it off, homeopathy made a name of "Sanlitun" King class music group. While the first song they don’t call "Tun", but the "smile". The first assembly vocals of the three ace turned a second song "Sanlitun", which became the 2016 most noteworthy. 18 years after the reproduction of trio Andy Lau says "laugh and the world more beautiful" about the creation of this song in mind, Andy Lau smiled and said: "our movie is called the" trump card "with ACE is to have the kind of UPS, taste, so I want to write a song with a little taste of Hongkong classical martial arts film song out. Moreover, we this is a comedy movie, so in Hao Ran "at the same time, I also want to say not so serious, so we want you to" smile "." Andy Lau’s Thoughts on the song to show the most incisive, personally created by him the lyrics is more sonorous and forceful "red dust, lack of laughter, when Pifu into jiumingcao", and "ace ace" agree without prior without previous consultation with the comic fan, highlighting the movie’s style of humor and "quite has the chest waist, or forget to forget the fate No. Let everyone laugh, the world will be better "told people to strive for their dreams, is not afraid to lose, indomitable spirit. As long as down to earth to fight for their own dreams, everyone is trump card! The theme song of MV for the first time exposure of eleven long will let you smile in the "trump card" with ace of the conference, when asked whether he.相关的主题文章: