The two inmates released from prison team breaking 6 luxury car rearview mirror was

The two inmates released from prison team breaking 6 luxury car rearview mirror caught the original title: two inmates broke the 6 luxury car rearview mirror was JINGWAH Times News (reporter Zhang Shuling) 50 year old Ju’s and 31 year old Zhang Xuedong had two inmates, see the rule of law breaking rearview mirror program that sell a lot of money, two people discuss after Beijing, 12 pieces of mirror and broke off 6 luxury cars, work by patrolling police caught. Reporters learned yesterday, two people were sentenced to imprisonment for theft. Haidian District procuratorate accused guilty of theft two. It is alleged that this year the evening of March 22nd, two people know the city, Nanhu District language Xiyuan parking lot in Haidian District first, has stolen BMW, Audi and other luxury cars a plurality of mirrors, identified the value of a total of 3 yuan. The next morning, the two were seized by the police. The police from the country Ju carrying bag seized jammer, flashlight, white gloves, black mask and rearview mirror and other items. Public prosecutor that the Ju country was found guilty of theft twice was sentenced to 6 years in prison, 5 and a half years, Zhang Xuedong was convicted of robbery was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment, the crime of fashion in parole period, two acts constituted theft. Haidian court hearing the case. The court, in the content of the charges made no objection, but Zhang Xuedong argued that he did not steal the car mirror. Police work records confirmed that although Zhang Dongxue refused to confess, but in the bow were identified. In an interview with the public security organs in Ju interrogation confessed that he and Zhang Dongxue are also served with fellow inmates. In mid March 2016, Zhang Dongxue called him, said recently that have nothing to do, "I said recently saw a TV legal program, stealing a car rearview mirror is very profitable, the proposal of stealing the car rearview mirror, I have decided to come to Beijing for stealing a car rearview mirror." In March 22nd this year, two people in Haidian District, after the middle of the night to the parking lot is breaking car rearview mirror, two people are Audi, BMW and other luxury cars. After stealing things, two people carrying the stolen goods back to Sanyuanqiao after the dawn of the rearview mirror to ride back home to sell stolen. In March 23rd 5 pm, in the vicinity of Sanyuanqiao, China saw a bow to patrol cars, "because I flustered, carrying a black plastic bag containing stolen goods on the run, after police arrested Zhang Dongxue also was arrested." Haidian court held that the country has made, Zhang Dongxue ignore state laws, for the purpose of illegal possession, or theft of property, the larger amount, two people’s behavior constituted theft. In Ju deliberate crime had been sentenced to imprisonment, after the punishment and committed within 5 years shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment or more severe punishment of the crime, is a recidivist, should be severely punished; Zhang Dongxue during the probation period and new crime, should be revoked parole and the new crimes punishment. Ultimately, the Haidian court to the crime of larceny, Zhang Dongxue’s bow were sentenced to 1 years imprisonment for 9 months, 1 years and 5 months, and were fined 2000 yuan. Editor: Ni Zijian相关的主题文章: