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The wedding portrait family mistakenly broadcast for 1 million – Sohu news October 2nd at the wedding of a hotel in Taizhou city Yongan District Gaogang Zhou Zhen do in a marriage, this is full of joy of the wedding, can undertake wedding ceremony wedding company has made a mistake in the home can not tolerate the video screen. Because the wedding business, lead to a portrait suddenly appeared in the wedding scene on the screen, but the program did not fall, the operator can only be power broken, the whole process lasted ten seconds. Home in the wedding banquet guests after the end off, stopped the wedding company for 1 million, the contradiction can’t be solved, but only in the middle of the night alarm. Time to October 3rd morning, Yongan police station police on duty He Zhenrong after the alarm, rushed to the scene, to prevent thwarted events. He Zhenrong understand the situation, the two sides decided to persuade the parties to the police station to mediate. Just arrived at the police station, he reported to the director of the situation Xue Genhua, so that both sides of the conflict, with the director of one by one to do the work. Things are very clear, because the wedding company operating errors led to the occurrence of this farce, the main responsibility in the wedding company, and the wedding company is also aware of their mistakes, is willing to appropriate compensation. He Zhenrong and the wedding’s main representative communication, main family emotions are excited, after all, the wedding is wrong, who are unable to tolerate, He Zhenrong know that we cannot let them again in the portrait of this problem on the tip of the horn drill down, he quickly transferred to the topic: "congratulations to the wedding such a good day to do such a good thing worth celebrating!" Some emotions in the main house slightly ease, director Xue Genhua persuasion home: "that happens, the next step is to calm and find a way to solve the problem, how to make up, but not blindly tied out in a dead end, it can’t solve any problem. Now we can see what is possible to compensate your home, it is somewhat unrealistic to compensate 1 million. We can talk about compensation, after all, the wedding company is certainly not very want to happen." The mediation process lasted 15 hours. In the afternoon of October 3rd, after Xue director and He Zhenrong all night persuasion, the two sides finally reached an agreement by the company to compensate 2 yuan home wedding. (correspondent Ning Tang reporter Zang Xiaosong)相关的主题文章: