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The White House tried again to close the prison said the harm national security – Sohu News [global network reporter Ren Meizi reported] according to the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) 2 24 reported that as part of the Obama administration to leave before the departure of the political "performance", the White House announced that it has been submitted again to close the prison camp proposal to the new plan congress. The United States President Obama on his government will eventually close the Guantanamo Bay prison plan overview, called the "no facilities to improve our national security, but to destroy it." Obama said, "if as a country, we don’t deal with it now, what time do?" He called on Congress to "standing on the right side of history", and a national action according to the lessons learned over the past 15 years. This is a new proposal to Congress by the The Pentagon, will remain in prison 91 detainees or repatriated to the country of origin, or transferred to the United States military or civilian prison. However, in the Republican led Congress to shut down Guantanamo’s proposal, opposition prevail, is unlikely to vote is expected to offer more. But the opposition in Congress do not want to see any long prison "unlawful enemy combatants" into the United States, the United States by the legal protection, and may eventually settled in the United states. However, recently, the White House that there seems to be some lawmakers may stand somewhat loose, so decided to re submit a new plan especially in place of detained persons sent "fuzzy". Allegedly, the The Pentagon in the United States consider the place of detention including Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas State remote military base. According to U.S. media reports, the Republican proposal criticism of The Pentagon. The speaker of the house of representatives of Ruian said: "Congress did not leave any doubt. The terrorists detained in the United States is illegal, and will always be illegal." He also said, "we will not endanger our national security due to a selection of promise." The chairman of the house Homeland Security Committee, Mike Kaur added: "we are at war, but the incredible is our president is more concerned about the relocation and release of enemy combatants detained more than such a person." But a senior government official said the closure of this prison is the priority of national security, adding that the facility "inspired" and become a jihadist terrorist recruitment tool. A controversial prison in Guantanamo not only the annual operating budget of $445 million, and the United States and international human rights activists have long been accused of breaking the law case. Obama since taking office has repeatedly promised to close Guantanamo. He said in a recent conversation even called the Guantanamo prison to continue to exist, equals the negative for anti US forces "is not conducive to the national security interests of the United states". BBC analysts said, although President Obama has repeatedly tried to close Guantanamo, but has encountered opposition in Congress, it is difficult to estimate the windfall.

白宫再次试图关闭关塔那摩监狱 称其危害国家安全-搜狐新闻  【环球网报道 记者 任梅子】据英国广播公司(BBC)2月24日报道,作为奥巴马政府离任前力争留下政治“业绩”的一部分,白宫宣布已经再度向国会提交了关闭关塔那摩监狱的新计划提案。   美国总统奥巴马对他的政府最终将关闭古巴关塔那摩湾监狱的计划做出概述,称该设施“没有提高我们的国家安全,而是在破坏它。”奥巴马表示,“如果作为一个国家,我们现在不处理它,那什么时候处理呢?”他呼吁国会站在“历史的正确一方”,并要求根据过去15年学到的经验教训做出国家行动。   这份由五角大楼呈交国会的新计划建议,将仍在监狱中的91名被关押者或遣返回原籍国,或转押至美国军用或民用监狱。   不过,在共和党主导的美国国会中,对关闭关塔那摩的提议持反对意见占据上风,多方预计提议不大可能通过表决。   国会反对   但国会议员不愿意看到任何被长期拘押的“非法敌方作战者”进入美国,受到美国法律保护,并有可能最终定居美国。   不过,近来白宫方面认为似乎有一些国会议员可能立场有所松动,因此决定再次提交一份特别是在被拘押人士遣送地点“模糊”的新计划。   据称,五角大楼考虑的美国境内关押地点主要包括科罗拉多、南卡罗来纳和坎萨斯等偏远州的军事基地。   另据美媒报道,共和党人对五角大楼的建议提出批评。众议院议长瑞安说:“国会没有留下任何疑问。将被拘押的恐怖分子送进美国国土是违法的,而且将一直是违法的。”他还表示,“我们不会因一句精选诺言而危及我们的国家安全。”   众议院国土安全委员会主席麦克考尔补充说:“我们处于战争中,但令人难以置信的是我们的总统更关心搬迁和释放敌方战斗人员不是拘留更多这样的人。”   但一位高级政府官员称,关闭这座监狱是国家安全的优先事项,并补充说该设施 “鼓舞了”圣战分子,并成为恐怖分子的招募工具。   长期争议   关塔那摩监狱不但每年运作预算高达4.45亿美元,而且长期被美国和国际维权人士指责为破坏法制的例证。   奥巴马自上任以来已经多次承诺要关闭关塔那摩监狱。他在最近的一次谈话中甚至称关塔那摩监狱继续存在,等于为反美势力提供了“反面教材”,“不利于美国国家安全利益”。   BBC分析称,尽管奥巴马任内已多次试图关闭关塔那摩,但一直遭遇国会反对,此次估计也难有意外收获。相关的主题文章: