The whole back! After 90 beautiful ride Harley real estate license to marry a successful (Figure) – ca1806

The whole back! 90 after riding a Harley to take the real estate license proposed (Figure) – Beijing, Sichuan online news guards! Girls propose to men, but also comes with real estate license?! this "deviant" TV drama 24, but in the streets of Chengdu staged a reality version. At 8 pm, in Chengdu Wanda Plaza, a Chengdu girl, wearing a white wedding dress, riding a Harley, holding flowers holding a real estate license, the scene to the boys they love to marry him, and shouted out his declaration of love: I made your favorite Hadley, marry me now, the property permits to write your name! Send Haley to the house, only to Bo male god a nod! The scene instantly attracted a large number of passers-by crowd. The boy who was asked to marry was obviously a little alarmed, and faced with all that had happened, seemed unprepared and unbelievable. More and more people live around, taking pictures, booing, talk constantly…… "Wow, also take the real estate license to marry him, such a beautiful woman!" "reversed, female and male courtship, gave the house, money is capricious." "Now the girls pulled good Oh, such a high-profile love, the man picked up." "Hurry up and record your girlfriend"…… The scene has been boiling, and some people in the same call, promised her, promised her……" The boys under the watchful eyes of the people are surprised but still more sweet touch. It is understood that the bold proposal the girls called love sauce, is a 90, parents is the north city businessman, she just returned shortly, and love the boys love time is not long, love jam has always been the pursuit of fashion, their own money to buy a Harley, not love according to the rules. To see her boyfriend accepted her proposal, love sauce excited said: marriage is no longer the privilege of boys, others have to wait until the boy to marry him, I would like to counter traditional anti conventional. Like him, it is necessary to tell him all the strength. The length of time does not matter, Taiping too static ordinary love is of no value, while the young to do little luxury enough for ourselves! "Many of the crowd are loved dressing courage infected, have applauded the blessing. This sensational street is also counter proposal, hot Chengdu, staged a fiery passion.相关的主题文章: