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The world’s largest matrilineal society in Indonesia   many anecdotes (Photos) – International – people news BBC reported that Indonesia’s West Sumatra plateau – M Nanjiabao Aboriginal family (Minangkabau), is the world’s largest matrilineal society. Legend in the middle of the twelfth Century, Koto founder Maharajo Dirajo Batu of the kingdom of king died, leaving three wives and three sons. The Puti Indo Jalito wife lady caring for children and the responsibility of governing the country, also opened a matriarchal society tradition. Female dominated women inherit this is a unique and complex social systems, such as ancestral land and building the daughters. Child mother’s surname, men are seen in his wife’s home for foreign guests. Since the fusion of religion since ancient times, Minangkabau people believe that everything has a spirit, before coming from India in Hinduism and Buddhism, has been on the natural elements with deep reverence. Minangkabau people believe yadate method (adat, local customs, beliefs and regulations, from animistic and Hindu theory), pawang (wizards) to treat the disease and to predict the future and communicate with god. Although the mother as the center, Minangkabau people also believe in islam. Anecdotes in the formal Islamic tradition, the bride married moved to her husband’s home. But Minami Kahoshiro is married bride portal, with family members living together. According to the groom’s family bride dowry by education and occupation status to decide. A new chapter in life is an event that needs to be carefully prepared. Wedding day, the groom at home waiting for the bride to pick up, and then go to the bride’s home, according to the traditional Islamic ceremony. The girls and men, now singing, now dancing, welcome the arrival of the groom. Pomp and ceremony the bride’s family dressed up, give the money, gifts and food is placed on top of the head. The same marriage can give local women bring certain social and economic privileges, all the affairs of elderly women over the family by the. As the master of the house, they manage the land, the unity of relatives, responsible for arbitration and dispute resolution, punish the people who make mistakes, it plays an important role in the marriage ceremony and various. Men are usually engaged in an ordinary job and take care of their children. Many men choose to leave their homes, go to the field, only occasionally to return home, because they do not have the right to speak in the family business. The winning buffalo rumors that the Java Majapahit Empire (Majapahit) to declare war on the Minangkabau in Sumatra, the king proposed that the two countries launched a bullfight. The Minangkabau buffalo sharp horn piercing the opponent abdomen, killing a rival. It is said that Nanjiabao meters from the word "Minang" and "kabau", namely "winning Buffalo", so the local building roof and female headdress is water horn shape. Color and dignity although the world began to predict the matriarchal society would be to decline, but Nanjiabao meters family proud of upholding tradition, and successfully withstood the test of time. Their black, red and yellow flags symbolize the three plateau regions相关的主题文章: